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Doubling our clients' page speed

  in  Product Release  •  Monday, September 22, 2014 12:54 AM  •  
What if we made your site 2x as fast... ... and you didn't have to do anything. Already done. That cliff on the right side of the graph? That's the page speed dropping from about 1 second to 0.4 seconds. According to Google, site speed is a ranking factor. What does this mean? The faster your website loads, the higher you may rank. Our friends at Moz dug into this deeper and found some interesting nuances which I'll summarize here: There's a correlation between page size and ranking. (Larger pages tend to rank higher. The time it takes to load and render an entire page is not a factor But, Time-T0-First-Byte is a factor. What is this? TTFB is the time you wait before your browser receives data from the remote server. One can usually expect to wait under 2 seconds for this. Fast sites, like, have a TTFB of about 200ms or less. When we dug into the TTFB for our clients we discovered that we were just under 1 second. Much higher than we liked. So we got to work ...
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Getting insurance agency emails past spam filters and into the inbox

  in    •  Tuesday, June 10, 2014 5:54 PM  •  
A Common Agency Problem Data from an agency management system isn't always clean. Email addresses have typos, aren't well formed or no longer exist. This causes a high bounce rate which decreases our reputation. If an agency's bounce rate is too high, we need to prevent them from emailing until we can collaborate on a strategy to improve their bounce rate. Why is bounce rate critical? When it comes to running an email delivery server, the most important thing is getting your email into the customers inbox. Along the way there are so many things that can stop that. Ultimately, a major mechanism that affects delivery is the "reputation" of your email server. If you deliver a lot of junk - it's bad for your reputation. If you deliver email to people who complain at a high rate - also bad for your reputation. If you deliver email to email addresses that are no longer valid - another tick against you. Our solution The solution we've implemented specifically focuses on the last element - sending ema ...
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Why should the retail agency system survive?

  in    •  Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:49 PM  •  
Why should the retail agency system survive? Roughly a year ago, a top carrier executive introduced me to a roomful of agency owners as a “passionate advocate for the insurance agent.”  I’d like to qualify that. For twenty years, a lot of agency owners have credited me with making them rich. Or turning them into millionaires. Or saving their they could go on to dominate their marketplace. For many years, my mother wondered exactly what I did for a living. I never said, “I make insurance agents rich,” as my career choice. She, after all, devoted her life to feeding the hungry, helping the disabled, visiting the sick and elderly, supporting the most at-risk. While she has been gone for several years, her picture still sits above my computer and her eyes bore into mine, asking, “What difference did you make in the world today?” She was, admittedly, more interested in lifting people out of poverty than lifting people into wealth. (I did ...
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Is the retail insurance industry unraveling?

  in  Digital Marketing  •  Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:30 PM  •  

“There are signs now...that the economics of the traditional agent model are beginning to unravel.” - McKinsey & Co. 
"We should be okay. After all, we've always been okay."

That's junk logic. That's along the lines of "Sharks don't get cancer. So if you eat shark cartilage, you won't get cancer."

It's appealing. It's easy. And it's wrong.

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MobiQuote Updated

  in  Product Release  •  Friday, November 15, 2013 5:22 PM  •  
We're always striving to deliver the latest and greatest to our clients. And we have an instant enhancement for everyone on our MobiQuote platform. (And if you're not, give us a call and we'll get you up and running in 2 minutes.)
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