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Love Bombs of Insurance Marketing Vitamins Part Three: #21-30

  in  Insurance Marketing  •  Wednesday, March 11, 2015 11:27 AM  •  

Welcome to Love Bombs, Part Three. Here’s the quick back story:

A couple of years ago Michael sent out a newsletter to our independent insurance agent clients, which he’s been known to do. This newsletter was special – it contained fifty golden nuggets of goodness, in the form of insurance marketing tips from Michael. These pearls of wisdom were well received by concerned independent insurance agents confronted by a rapidly changing, and increasingly competitive, industry.

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Love Bombs of Insurance Marketing Vitamins Part Two: #11-20

  in  Coaching  •  Tuesday, March 3, 2015 1:05 PM  •  
Welcome to Love Bombs, Part Two. Here’s the quick back story:A couple of years ago Michael sent out a newsletter containing insurance marketing tips—little nuggets of goodness and pearls of wisdom for independent insurance agents in a rapidly changing industry. He was supposed to supply ten, but the exercise quickly results in a waterfall of tips – fifty in fact. A few weeks ago, we thought we should revisit them, and we did with Love Bombs of Insurance Marketing Vitamins: #1-10. Here’s Part Two, #11-20.11. What Do You Mean, Retention Strategy?If you’re losing clients, you’re losing a very valuable source of income. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has found that it costs 5-7 times moremoney to get new clients than it does to keep existing customers.  And existing customers pay. Develop a retention strategy, implement it, andmonitor the results.12. Look Your Agency in the Eye—and Get ScaredPsychologists know about a phenomenon they call “ill ...
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Love Bombs of Insurance Marketing Vitamins: #1-10

  in  Coaching  •  Thursday, February 26, 2015 2:00 PM  •  
A couple of years ago, our fearless leader, Michael, sent out a newsletter containing fifty insurance marketing tips—little nuggets of goodness that if left on paper will do you no good; but if implement and nurtured, will help you grow your business. We thought we should revisit them. Here are the first ten: 1. Best Marketing Tip… Kill Something. Okay. So that seems a little extreme. I’m pretty confident Michael doesn’t really want you to kill something. It means spend an hour on marketing every single day. And if you’re too busy, sacrifice something else on your schedule to make the time. And by sacrifice we don’t mean kill a goat. Just reschedule one of your appointments. It’s less messy. 2. Bigger Footprint. Don’t limit yourself if you only have one physical location. Your insurance license is a statewide license. That means you can operate anywhere in your state. A small town location doesn’t limi ...
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Three Trends Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Need to Know

  in  Digital Marketing  •  Tuesday, February 24, 2015 12:00 PM  •  
    Nothing is impervious to change, including the insurance industry. And with change you have a choice. You can adapt, or you can dig in your heels and do what you’ve always done.  We all know that choosing to move forward and adapt is the right choice for success, but how do we know where to go and what to do?  We’ve identified three trends in the insurance world that, quite honestly, seem a little scary for the independent insurance agent or broker. But we also have identified opportunities for adaptation—there are some silver linings. So here are the trends. And surprise, surprise. They each have a common denominator: technology. 1. Consumers make purchasing decisions differently.  Here’s what we know: 71% of consumers use the Internet to research insurance before they buy a policy, which can lead them into the welcoming arms (or clutches?) of the big carriers. But, if you look at customer satisfaction, we know that insurance ...
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Anti-Spam Rules for Insurance Agents and Brokers: CASL & CAN-SPAM

  in  Digital Marketing  •  Thursday, February 19, 2015 8:00 AM  •  
If you're an insurance agent or broker targeting email addresses in the US or Canada you need to know a few things about CAN-SPAM and CASL. And you need to know more than just "CAN-SPAM is the US anti-spam legislation" and "CASL is the Canadian anti-spam legislation." While both acts are aimed at limiting spam, the Canadian CASL requirements are more expansive, and have more bite. At Agency Revolution we thought it might be useful to compare the two. CAN-SPAM and CASL compared: Under both CASL and CAN-SPAM, volume doesn't matter. Whether you send out a small number of emails to your insurance clients every year, or you use a marketing automation system to communicate with thousands of customers, you need to be in compliance, or you could face significant penalties. But as you can see from the chart, CASL has a broader reach as it applies to any person or business anywhere in the world. You could be an insurance agent in Detroit, Michigan, or a broker working from the Galapagos Islands, but if you se ...
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