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What A CSR Believes

  in  CSR  •  Monday, April 2, 2012 6:00 AM


Part 4 in my video series where I'm sharing some of the insights coming from over 20 years of working with thousands of agencies and many thousands of CSR's.


Given the choice, would you choose a CSR with killer sales technique and attitude to match - or one who cares about people and thinks SELL is a dirty word?


Many agents are surprised to learn most of their sales can come from CSR's who aren't the least bit interested in selling. But it requires that you work with their current belief system ... I'll tell you what I mean on the video.


Have you ever had a CSR who didn't like "sales" ...

... Or who had major anxiety over selling? How were you abe to work with them?

Please tell me about it below. 

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