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Mobile "App” or Mobile Optimized Website?

  in  Digital Marketing  •  Friday, June 1, 2012 11:16 AM

You can hardly turn on your computer or watch TV without seeing some connection to Smartphones or the Mobile Revolution.

“Web 3.0” is what Wall Street Journal calls it ... (See “Is Your Company Late To The Mobile Party?” Click Here To Read The Article.)

... And Morgan Stanley reported that as early as 2013 up to 50% of all searches on the internet will be made from a mobile device.

This is important to insurance agency marketing for two reasons: if you want your agency to get all possible leads from digital marketing efforts, your website must be ...

  1. Found on the web by local search engines (such as Google)
  2. Easily viewed with a mobile device

Fact is, less than 1% of all business websites are easily viewed with a mobile device. (See WSJ article above)

Just take a look at your own website from a Smartphone. Can you easily navigate? Can you get a quote simply? Can you find contact information and make a call with a single click? Can you find directions and get GPS navigation with a single click?

But, more importantly, can you do it all without "pinch and zoom"?

It’s critical to understand that mobile searchers want speed and convenience, they aren’t “surfing”, they are looking for specifics. They won’t “pinch and zoom” around a non-mobile optimized website ... As a matter of fact, 11% of people who land on a non-mobile optimized website have actually screamed at their Smartphone! (Morgan Stanley survey.)

A Mobile Optimized Website takes your existing website and makes it easy to navigate from a mobile device, making your agency friendly and enjoyable for prospects to interact with your agency ... increasing the likelihood they become your client by as much as 78%, according to HubSpot, a mobile marketing and research firm.

A “Mobile App” has entirely different uses. Mobile Apps are actually software installed on your phone just like the programs on your desktop computer. Not only do they take up memory space on your phone, they also require the user to remember the app is installed.

But the main problem with using Mobile “Apps” as a digital marketing strategy for insurance agents is that they are not discoverable by most of your prospects because you can't search for Apps from the web. Think about this for a moment: when a prospect is looking for an insurance quote, they do not look in the App Store or Android Marketplace - 100% search for insurance exclusively via Google or some other web-based search engine.

This renders “Apps” totally useless for marketing and lead generation for insurance agents because if no one is looking in the only place your "App" is located, you'll never be able to generate leads from it.

If you’d like to learn more about the first, fully integrated Mobile Optimized Website for Insurance Agents on a 15 minute “on demand“ webinar, just Click Here To Watch "How To Double Your Leads With Mobiquote".

You can also Click Here To Schedule A Live Demonstration of this incredible feature (which currently comes as a FREE add-on for all of our Digital Marketing System clients!)

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