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New Top-Level Domains Will Change How Consumers Find Insurance

  in    •  Wednesday, June 13, 2012 7:07 AM

Today, if a consumer wants to visit AllState's website, they will visit 

But after the newly applied for General Top Level Domains are approved, consumers could potentially just type In total, 19 different companies have applied for 25 top level domain names, which will eventually change the nomenclature lanscape for finding insurance related web sites.

How did they do it? For a small fee of $185,000 plus an additional $5,000 for each domain, plus annual renewal fees, anyone could apply for a new general top level domain. 

In the general web world, there are some obvious ones, like .microsoft, and hotly contested domains, like .app (with 13 companies competing.)

If you've ever tried to find a .com domain name and found it already take, this could be a refreshing opportunity for you to grab that mark. (.insurance!)

Generic Insurance Domains

 A majority of the applied for marks cover trademarks, but a few cover generic domain names. 

  • autoinsurance
  • carinsurance
  • insurance
  • lifeinsurance

Of the domains in this list, only .insurance is being competed for. If a "domain registry" wins this mark, it's likely you will be able to own a .insurance domain name for a small annual fee. (If Progressive wins, then you'll be out of luck!)


Many of these applied for marks representing the company name, and a few for famous marks. Traveler's has applied for .redumbrella and AllState for .goodhands.

Longest Insurance Top Level Domain

Traveler's was the most aggressive in the domain name auction, applying for 5 top level domain names. Two of there names hold the record for longest insurance related top level domain name at 18 characters!

  • northlandinsurance
  • travelersinsurance

Shortest Insurance Top Level Domain

Travelers, again, has this one covered. Probably a good idea since they also have the longest domains. Their short mark is a succinct 3 characters... .trv.

Best Possible Outcome for Insurance Agents

There's a small chance insurance agents could be left out in the cold here. Of the generic marks listed above, only one was applied for by companies who will resell access to that domain name. .carinsurance and .autoinsurance will be reserved by AllState. .lifeinsurance by the American Council of Life Insurers.

That leave's .insurance which is being competed for by four entities. One of those entities is Progressive. If they win, I highly doubt they would offer this mark to their agents. (But wouldn't that be a sweat benefit of being a Progressive agent!)

Two of the other entities are likely domain name resellers, similar to GoDaddy.

Let's hope a reseller wins out and we can use these new domain names!

The Insurance Domain Name List

Who Domain
Aetna Life Insurance Company AETNA
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company ALLSTATE
Amica Mutual Insurance Company AMICA
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company AUTOINSURANCE
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company CARINSURANCE
Esurance Insurance Company ESURANCE
Farmers Insurance Exchange FARMERS
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company GOODHANDS
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America GUARDIAN
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America GUARDIANLIFE
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company INSURANCE
fTLD Registry Services LLC INSURANCE
Dotfresh Inc INSURANCE
American Council of Life Insurers LIFEINSURANCE
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company NATIONWIDE
Nippon Life Insurance Company NISSAY
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company ONYOURSIDE
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company PROGRESSIVE
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company STATEFARM
Swiftcover Insurance Services Limited SWIFTCOVER
Hartford Fire Insurance Company THEHARTFORD
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America TIAA
Travelers TLD, LLC TRV
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