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Coffee With the Coach: The Principle of Belief

  in  Coaching  •  Monday, July 2, 2012 6:00 AM

Grab a cup of coffee with Michael Jans for a few minutes each Monday morning. You'll get a fresh insight, a new strategy, or some encouragement to help start off your week. 

If you've ever had to look into the face of a client and tell her that her claim isn't covered, then you know what a difficult - and sometimes tragic - thing it can be.

Today: the important role insurance agents have in our society and how you can better fill those shoes.

On this short video you'll discover...

  • Why insurance is a "noble profession" (and why I believe even more so than doctors)
  • How to get more clients, increase your policy count, and get far better retention with a single change in your belief
  • As simple way to remind yourself and your team of this very important fact, making a difference in the lives of your clients and lasting culture change in your agency

Make it great week! 

"We grow agencies. Big. Fast. Easy."

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