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The Rarest Success Secret

  in  Coaching  •  Monday, August 13, 2012 6:00 AM

Each Monday morning Michael Jans gives you a single, fresh insight that can help you grow your agency, free up more of your time, and get your week started right. Enjoy this week's Coffee With The Coach!



There is a principle the most successful companies in the world exercise, which results in is a more stable business, more satisfied clients, higher morale within the company, a higher level of energy with employees and--when it comes to insurance agencies--a significantly reduced risk of E&O claims against you or your agency.

Implement this single idea in your agency and I promise you what happens will blow you away (and make you lots of money).

Make it a great week!

Michael Jans
CEO, Agency Revolution
"We grow agencies. Big.Fast. Easy."

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