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The 9-Way Booster is next up (Tough Times Turnaround webinar series)

  in    •  Sunday, March 28, 2010 5:00 PM

In a recent poll, 96% of agency principals declared the last 12 months to be among the most challenging of their careers. That alone should tell you why this webinar series we're doing - The Tough Times Turnaround - has been so well-received...

The next call in this FREE 4-part series is called The 9-Way Booster, and it's Thursday, April 8th at 9:30am Pacific time (adjust accordingly.) This webinar will be an in-depth training that delivers a critical diagnosis of the effectiveness - or, what's NOT working - in your agency, in the 9 critical areas of marketing... 

...everything from what you're doing to attract prospects into your marketing funnel, convert those prospects into clients, optimize those relationships, and retain those clients as long as possible...

We've got 9 different areas we're going to be analyzing, and sharing strategies in each of those 9 areas. Plus, you'll even be able to download the 9-Way Booster diagnostic tool. This is a LIVE training, so you'll be able to ask me your questions.

If growth is the kind of thing that gets your juices flowing, join me on this call! You can register here - and I encourage you to do so right away - the limited lines will fill up fast. I look forward to talking to you on April 8th.


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