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The Dirty Little Secret I Tell CSR's

  in  CSR  •  Friday, December 23, 2011 11:17 AM

The Principle of Belief...

One of the biggest untapped profit centers I’ve observed in our industry is the untrained CSR.  Not untrained in service.  Untrained in sales.  

Getting more money from CSR behavior requires no new marketing skills for you to learn.  No new sales letters.  No digital mastery.  No expensive producers. Just take those already existing inbound phone calls, add sales skills and make money.

So, to solve that problem, I’ve spent many years teaching CSR’s techniques and tactics that do exactly that: turn phone calls into money.  Skills like scripting, story telling, closing techniques, rapport building, word selection, engagement techniques, overcoming objections and on and on.

But I have shared a Dirty Little Secret with CSR’s that seems to fly in the face of every “trick” I teach them.  That secret is this:

That I would rather have a CSR who has not mastered the techniques but BELIEVES that his/her work is important, valuable and vital to the protection of his/her flock than a CSR who is clever with technique but lacks that belief.

Why?  Because the passion and heart and conviction of the “believer” will overcome the resistance of the marketplace better than all the tricks in my bag.  (“ I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”) More often than not, it takes several “Meaningful Conversations” for even the most dedicated CSR to awaken to their own innate belief that:

…what we do is important work.  That is a noble profession.  That we have a societal obligation to protect families, individuals, non-profits, organizations and businesses.  That without proper protection, people will be hurt, lives will be damaged, families will be harmed, businesses will be destroyed and jobs will be lost. 

And the logical conclusion of this is that it is up to us to:

  • provide LEADERSHIP to the consumer
  • overcome their misunderstanding of our services
  • overcome their misperception that price is the only distinguishing feature
  • overcome their tendency to have their insurance helter-skelter all over the place
  • make certain that OUR agency holds every appropriate policy with every single client

If you have such a CSR, I suggest a daily “Tebow” in front of their cubicle at the beginning and end of every day.

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