What Agencies Want & Need to Grow

Insurance agents are not known for being early adopters of technology. But the world is changing, and 2020 was an effective accelerant to even the laggards in the insurance industry. This survey report shares insights on how your insurance network or industry alliance can address the needs of independent insurance agencies with precision.

Today, the most successful agencies recognize that marketing is:

  • a competitive advantage
  • essential to growth and client retention
  • a strategic business imperative
  • strongly correlated with revenue increases

In a survey recently commissioned by Agency Revolution (an FMG Suite company), polling, surveys, and research partner Zogby Analytics found a notable preference among agency decision-makers for technology and software systems to support, enable and enhance their day-to-day agency operations. Among those, half expect the industry networks of which they are members to provide those systems.

When it comes to marketing solutions, decision-makers seek all-in-one platforms for website, email marketing, and social media marketing. Nearly all wish to share relevant, timely, educational content with clients. Survey respondents who spend the most time on marketing also report that lead generation is valuable to their businesses.

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