Step 1

Activate your Accelerate account

Complete the form and your new account will be set up within days! Out of the box, you’ll be able to send emails, integrate your social media accounts to post content, manage and promote client events, share content, and send personalized greeting cards.

The cost to members is $55 a month or $560 a year ($100 off). Click here to pay for your subscription.

Step 2

Master Your Tools

Visit the Master Your Tools page to learn to make the most of Accelerate. Page includes orientation video, handy step-by-step guide, product tour, setup checklist, and more.

Step 3

Update your profile and add contacts

Customize your profile with contact information and branding. Upload a list of your contacts (max of 1,000) so you can start sending messages.

Step 4

Add a website and more tools

If you’re ready to step it up, upgrade your Accelerate package for a modern website, marketing automation, reputation management tools, and lead generation.


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