According to Neil Patel, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. In fact, at Agency Revolution, we see better conversion rates for our clients that use videos on their quote pages.

Agents & brokers that use videos on their quote pages get higher conversion rates

We Live in a Mobile World

It’s easy to see why this trend is so important. As more of us use mobile devices to search the internet, reading becomes more of a pain, so having a video that talks about the page and a call to action becomes essential. Make it easy for your visitor to know what to do.

What are the benefits of using videos on your website?

Using videos on your site has numerous benefits for insurance agents & brokers

  • Visitors will stay on your site longer as videos engage and keep the attention of visitors.
  • If you feature a member of your team it gives you the opportunity to start to build trust.
  • People prefer to watch video than read from their mobile devices.

Using videos to enhance your landing pages combines the power of video with content on your site. It is also a way to start building trust and a relationship with your visitors.

Why YouTube?

As we all know, Google owns YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? New statistics show there are over 6 billion hours of videos streamed monthly from the service. YouTube gives you many opportunities to add Search Engine Optimization to your videos. By writing a long description, that includes long tail keywords and questions that you are going to address your video becomes optimize for search on YouTube.

Four key metrics for Video SEO:

  • Higher ranking in Search Engine Results Page – Google likes videos.
  • Improved Click Through Rates – people like videos.
  • Lower Bounce Rates – be sure to use descriptive headlines.
  • Create Backlinks – blending written content with videos, be sure to link to your site.


YouTube also offers a transcription tool; by using this tool you can include the transcript on your quote page, the transcript on YouTube for closed caption and ADA. You’ll want to make sure you fill out all the data on the upload form to increase visibility and so that your video becomes easier to find on YouTube.

Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year

YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Check out the stats below for more details on YouTube videos:

How can you use videos on your website?

  • Introduction of your staff
  • Details on how a specific niche of insurance works
  • Answer questions that you or your staff commonly receives (see The Murray Group and how they used commonly asked questions in videos and blogs).
  • Explain a complex scenario in easy to follow steps, become the expert for your clients (see Barbee Jackson explain DOT forms)

The more you use videos the more opportunity you have to become an expert to your clients and prospects.

How to Include Videos on Your Insurance Quote Pages:

One easy way that you can add videos to your quote pages is to build a more generic video speaking about your company and why you should provide the protection for your reader. You can embed these types of videos on your quote pages with a call to action that could be:

“Simply fill out the form on this page to get your free quote! Our team will be in touch with you shortly to provide a customized insurance quote!”

Be sure to set realistic expectations and explain why your company is the right choice for your prospect!

Here’s another script that would work well for your insurance quote page:

“Hi, it’s Your Name Here with Company Name Here.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for a quote  for your insurance.

Well, you’ve come to the right place  because we’ll  shop for your  insurance for you.

What that means is we’ll get you  the lowest price and the best  protection  for what matters  to you.

Fill out the  Quote Form  and get  started now.  It’s that easy.“

Include a Video on Your Home Page:

Put videos on the main pages of your website

By including a video on your home page you are able to introduce your company and welcome your visitors to your website. Here is an example script that you can customize for your site:

“Hi, my name is Your Name Here and I am the owners of Your Company Name Here.

Welcome to our Digital Insurance Office!

We’re right here in City,ST near Landmark

On our web site there are three major things you can do.

  1. you can instantly get insurance quotes, and we can probably save you money
  2. you can check out our Research Center loaded with videos and free reports to help you be a smart insurance consumer
  3. if you’re an existing client, we’re here to help

Just click on Client Service and we’ll take care of you right away”

A great way to explain your Referral Program

Referral programs are great at getting your customers connected

Encourage your existing clients to refer their friend and family members with a referral program. One way to promote your referral program is to create a video! Here is a great script that you can use:

“Hi, this is Your Name Here Owner of Your Company Name Here. I just want to say a few quick words about our referral program. I want you to know we work hard every day to earn your trust.

And it must be working Because of all the referrals we get.

When you simply share our name with someone else it really means a lot to me. It means a lot to my entire team and it makes all of us feel appreciated!

Of course, when you share our name with your family and friends you’re helping them as well

They might save a lot of money, plus have a dangerous gap in their protection plan

…or both.

I’m so grateful so many of our clients – like you – recommend us to others.

Just to make it More fun, I created a Rewards Program For referrals.

Check out the program details on this page.

Meanwhile, tell your friends and family  about us. I promise we’ll say thanks, and I’ll also reward you for it!”

Create your videos

Give your prospects and clients an opportunity to get to know you and your team., by including videos on your website. Take the time to see how videos increase your client/prospect engagement, bounce rate (especially on mobile devices) and time on site.

I look forward to seeing videos on your website!

Jill Berroth is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Agency Revolution. She has worked at Agency Revolution for nearly 6 years. Jill provides Professional Services to our clients focusing on their digital presence and engagement through websites and our automation software.

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