7 Productivity Tips for Insurance Agency Automation Systems article from Agency Revolution

1. Automatically Send a Text Message When a Customer’s Email is Down

Did you know an automated system can quickly identify and react to changes in your customers’ profiles? Our Invalid Email campaign automatically detects when a customer email goes bad and alerts your staff so they can contact the customer to fix the email. This proactive feature can let you know there’s a problem before your customer even realizes it. 

Updating customer information is something your customers expect, so use this opportunity to correct the issues and thank the customer for their business. But don’t turn a necessary administrative task into a sales call. Your customers understand that you need correct contact information to provide service, but they don’t want a sales pitch every time they hear from you.

2. Quickly Alert Your Team About Policy Premium Increases

We can configure automated systems to send automatic alerts to help you stay on top of renewals, coverage gaps, and premium changes. Premium increases can be a painful part of this business. They can shock customers who are caught unaware and create unnecessary work for your team. 

With the Policy Premium Trigger, you choose what percent premium increase you want to trigger an alert and configure the actions. For example, a premium increase of 30 percent could trigger an email to your team. This gives your team a chance to reach out to customers to review policies, close gaps in coverage, and keep relationships strong.

3. Instantly Send an Email to Your Staff When Quote Forms are Completed

Following up quickly is critical to converting online quote requests, as they give you a chance to connect with a lead and start them on their path to becoming a customer. If you aren’t responding quickly enough, the prospect will move on to the next insurance agent on their list. Get completed quotes in the hands of your staff immediately so you can capitalize on every lead with a timely follow-up.

Automatically send follow-up emails and surveys to engage your customers

4. Automatically Follow up with a Survey After a Claim is Closed

Claims are the other tough part about insurance, but they are a great opportunity to shine in front of your customers. For most of our AMS integrations, we capture the claims information. With our automation platform you can quickly follow-up when a claim is closed to ensure your customers were satisfied with the claims service. If the service wasn’t great, this is the perfect time to work with your claims adjuster and your customer to improve.

Surveys allow you to reach out and connect with customers personally. When you solicit feedback and use it to offer more value, you can build stronger relationships with your customers. The feedback you can gather from surveys using a platform like the Net Promoter Score® is invaluable.

5. Configure Your Automated System to Identify and Market Your X-Dates

Property & casualty insurance agents can reach homeowners before their annual homeowners renewal using workflows with X-Dates, and we support most of them. Many homeowners change their insurance carriers when their homeowner’s insurance comes up for renewal. 

This is just one of the opportunities you’ll find when you put insurance agency automation to work. Whether it’s working with policies tagged with a “Quoted” status or the “X-Date” option by your AMS, we can leverage this data for timely follow-ups for that business you didn’t win…. yet!

6. Quickly Segment Customers by Total Premium

Use value-based segmentation to tap into the greater economic value of specific customer groups and individuals. Our flexible segmentation tool lets you easily break down customers by premium or any field for that matter. You can use these segments across multiple campaigns and blast messages, so there is no need to make identical segments for different targets. 

Segmenting with your AMS means your segments are dynamic — they automatically adjust based on recent customer data. With real-time data, segmenting for targeted email campaigns like account rounding is easier, more productive, and more profitable.

7. Catch Data Entry Errors Before They Become a Problem

From an information systems perspective, agency owners have a tremendous challenge. Data is streaming in from carriers and being entered by hand by your entire team. Using our Event Engine, you can stay ahead of common issues.

Missing a company name field on a commercial account? Missing first or last name values? That can stifle your automated relationship building. Does your team forget to enter premium values when data needs to be entered by hand? Create a segment and follow-up to alert your team. This follow-up can even be directed back to the account rep on the policy or account. 

These insurance automation ideas are just a sample of the powerful tools you can have at your disposal with the push of a button. Want to get the most out of your agency AMS and grow your business automatically? With Agency Revolution’s marketing automation for insurance agencies platform, Fuse™, you can streamline your communications with staff and customers. Better communication means better marketing, increased efficiency, and more satisfied customers, so request a demo today.

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