7 Tricks to Automate Your Agency or Brokerage

7 neat tricks to automate your agency or brokerage

1. Automatically send a text message when your customer’s email no longer works

Connect’s rich Event Engine allows you to quickly react to changes with your customers. Our Invalid Email campaign automatically detects when a customer email goes bad and alerts your staff so they can contact the customer to fix the email.

2. Alert your team when a policy premium increases

Premium increases can be a painful part about this business. They can shock customers who want you to be their advocate and leave work for your team if you’re unprepared. With the Policy Premium Trigger – you choose what % premium increase you want to be alerted and configure the actions. For example, a premium increase of 30% could trigger an email to your team.

3. Instantly send an email to your staff after a quote form is completed

Following up with speed is critical to winning internet quotes. If you are too slow the prospect will try the next insurance broker or company on Google. Our forms are pipelined to our text and email systems so the messages go out instantly. Connect these emails to your key personnel so you never lose a lead.

Automatically send follow-up emails and surveys to engage your customers

4. Automatically follow-up with a survey after a claim is closed

Claims are the other tough part about insurance. But they are also a great opportunity to shine in front of your customers. For most of our AMS integrations we capture the claims information. With our Event Engine you can quickly follow-up when a Claim is closed to ensure your customers were satisfied with the claims service – which is often provided by the insurance company. If the service wasn’t great, this is the perfect time to work with your claims adjuster and your customer to improve.

5. Market to your X-Dates that are in your AMS

There are many workflows with X-Dates, and we support most of them. Whether it’s working with policies tagged with a Quoted status, or the X-Date option inside your AMS, we can leverage this data for timely follow-ups for that business you didn’t win…. yet!

6. Catch data entry errors before they become a problem

From an information systems perspective agency owners have a huge challenge. Data is streaming in from carriers and being entered by hand by your entire team. Using our Event Engine you can stay ahead of common issues.

  • Does your team forget to enter premium values when data needs to be entered by hand? Create a segment and follow-up to alert your team. This follow-up can even be directed back to the Account Rep on the policy or account.
  • Missing a company name field on a Commercial account?
  • Missing First or Last name values? That can be horrible for your automated relationship building.

7. Quickly segment clients by total premium

Our rich segmentation tool let’s you easily break down customers by premium or any field for that matter. This allows you to treat special customers differently, giving them the attention they deserve.

This is how easy it is to segment using Agency Revolution's Connect

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