How to Attract Leads through Social Media

You’ve undoubtedly heard quite a bit about social media and social marketing over the last decade or so. Despite its ubiquitous presence in our lives, generating leads on social media can still seem like a trick that is difficult to master. Many agents who take a swing at social lead generation don’t see the kind of results they hope to achieve and give up on the practice too quickly.

There are a few techniques you can use in your social marketing that will increase the number of leads you are generating and make social platforms one of the most successful sources of new businesses in your agency.

Constantly Be Sharing Killer Content

Content and social media have a very symbiotic relationship. Marketing master, Jay Baer, once said “Content is the fire. Social media is the gasoline.” While social media can drastically increase your efficacy when it comes to marketing your insurance services, without killer content, you will not experience the kind of results you are hoping for.

Killer content is content that is insightful, applicable and inspiring. If any aspect of that equation is missing, you will find it difficult to manufacture much enthusiasm for your social efforts. For more ideas on how to create killer content check out our podcast on the subject here.

Attract more leads by creating and sharing killer content for insurance consumers

Gated Content

Once you have created some content that is generating interest among your ideal audience, it is time to start capturing information. Create a piece of content with a high perception of value. This can be an ebook, an infographic or webinar that covers more than your normal blog post (it often helps to take several of your most popular posts and combine them into a larger piece of content).

Once you have your new exciting content piece, you can use it like cheese in a mousetrap. Your goal now is to funnel traffic from your social accounts to your content gateway, a simple form on your website that collects for the minimal amount of information necessary to create a lead before the content can be accessed. The leads that are collected can then be turned into an email marketing list that will have a much higher conversion rate than any other marketing effort you can undertake.

Be a Thought Leader on Social

By utilizing tools like LinkedIn groups and Facebook pages, you can create a receptacle for insightful content, both original pieces you have created and the work of others that you have curated. Once you establish a reputation as an industry expert, your social efforts will begin to gain momentum.

Social sharing can be a great way to learn about new trends as well. Part of being a thought leader is connecting with other industry experts and sharing their work. This will not only help stock your groups and pages with great content; it will enter you into an ongoing conversation with some of the top minds in your field while giving you access to their dedicated audiences.

Agency Revolution is releasing just released a new product we are calling Attract. It includes an optimized website you can use as your killer content hub, replete with content gateways optimized to capture prospect information. Our Social Foundations campaign will allow you to automate your social efforts creating an amazing launchpad for a vibrant social marketing effort. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please give our sales reps a call at 888-208-9239.

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