When is the last time you saw an email stuck to someone’s refrigerator?
What about the last time you ignored an email in your inbox?

If you’re looking for a great way to really get your clients’ attention, sometimes another email isn’t the best approach. When getting out of their inbox and onto their fridge is your goal, we’ve got the perfect communication tool!

We’re thrilled to release our Postcards to Connect, giving you a new, more meaningful way to communicate with your clients. Watch the video below or read on to learn more about how to get your message directly into your client’s mailbox!

Choose from Stamp-Ready or a Blank Canvas

We’ve created several postcards that are ready to be sent, but we’ve also given you the power to easily create your own messages from scratch. Choose from our library of images and create your very own refrigerator-destined masterpiece or select one of our templates to give yourself a headstart.

Completely Customizable

Whether you start from a blank postcard or use one of our templates, you can customize everything about your communications, front to back: from the content to the graphics, the merge fields to the font size and style. Simply click the pencil icon to add an image or text section, or click an existing section to make it your own.

Got some questions?
Click here for some answers about this new feature!

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