Revamped Dashboard - A New Perspective on Connect

We designed Connect™ to transform your agency management system into a communication tool. This summer, we spent some time discussing how we can give you more insight into how that integration is working for you every time you log in.

Like a car dashboard, this new perspective will help you determine the health of your messaging strategy and will alert you to any issues before you find your communication sputtering.

Watch the video below or read on to learn more about the changes we’ve made to your Connect™ dashboard, designed to give you more insight into your messaging strategy and performance:



More Meaningful Metrics

We’ve filled your new dashboard with metrics designed to gauge your communication strategy. Below are just a few of the metrics we’ve added:

  • Engagement Score: this proprietary formula helps you gauge the quality and quantity of your communications, and compares your efforts with the average performance.
  • Accounts with Emails: Connect™ is, first and foremost, a tool for emailing your clients.* Well it’s tough to email folks without their email address — so we suggest improving these numbers to be sure you’re able to reach as many contacts as possible with each campaign.
    *Don’t forget: Connect™ helps you harness the power of snail mail, too!
  • Recent Activity: there’s a lot going on under the hood – from sequences firing to data syncing, emails being sent and postcard stamps being licked. Here’s a quick look at your engine’s activity!

Not quite “out with the old…”

We know that the insights we provided on your original dashboard were invaluable. Our integration with your AMS allows us to track and analyze metrics that were previously buried beneath mounds of data. Don’t worry — we’ve kept those metrics in place! Simply click “View Business Insights” to take a peek at that classic dashboard.


We’re constantly working to make Connect™ an easy-to-use communication system for you and your agency or brokerage. From improved metrics to new ways to communicate, we’re harnessing the power of your AMS to make it easier to connect with your clients.
We hope this new perspective on what Connect™ is doing for you gives you a fresh perspective and a meaningful way to gauge your efforts and focus your strategy.

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