Text Messaging | Put Your Message within Thumb’s Reach

Connect™ gives you the power to get in your contacts’ inboxes and mailboxes with emails and postcards. Now, we’re giving you the tools to get your message across on the most ubiquitous platform there is: the cell phone.



Get your message on their screens…

We’re willing to bet you know exactly where your cell phone is right now.
Well, your contacts are likely within arm’s reach of their phones too.

With an open rate of over 90%, text messages are an extremely effective way to communicate with your clients. Got a brief message you need your client to see? A text message will certainly get your point across.

…but first, put yourself in their shoes

Smartphones today are practically an extension of ourselves. They house our pictures, social media accounts, contacts, and personal email. With all that within thumb’s reach, receiving an unwanted text message is practically an invasion of privacy.

Before you send a text, ask yourself how you would feel about receiving that message. We’re used to receiving unsolicited messages in our inbox and mailbox — but text messages are still a sacred space for many people. Disrupt that space and you may leave a sour taste in your contacts’ mouths.

Texting Best Practices

People seldom let their cellphones out of sight and rarely let text messages go unread, making text messages an effective way to get your message across. But there’s a time and place for a text — just ask any high schooler.

  • Give ‘em a heads up: it’s a good idea to let new and existing clients know that you’ll be sending them text messages in certain scenarios. Do you plan on sending a quick confirmation via text once their policy is renewed? Will you be texting them the quote they requested? Let ‘em know! 
  • Need-to-know basis: chances are, your text message is going to be read. Be sure the message you’re delivering is concise, clear and, above all, necessary. This isn’t the ideal platform for a ‘did you know’ note or cross-sell opportunity.
  • Audience is key: blasting the same text message out to a large list is not ideal and could very well get your account flagged as spam. Keep your messages targeted and focused to ensure proper delivery.
  • Keep it cool: once again, ask any high schooler and they’ll tell you that texting too often is just not cool. Save these sends for messages that your contacts need to see or requested.

Want to be sure you’re texting at your best? Click here to check out some more best practices!

Ready, Set, Text!

Are your thumbs warmed up and ready to text? Great!

  • Step one: create an account with Twilio. Click here to learn more.
  • Step two: integrate your Twilio account with AR Connect™. Be sure to watch the video above to get some more details on this simple process!

Mastering Mobile

Communicating with your contacts via text is clearly an effective, modern way to connect with clients and prospects. With phone-in-hand and with your message top-of-mind, this may be a good time for your contacts to visit your website — be sure it’s going to look good on their smartphone!

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