Connect™ has turned your AMS or BMS into a communication machine, allowing you to automatically send emails, postcards, and text messages based on activity in your management system. Until now, you’ve only been able to build these automatic communications in the “Campaigns” tab, without the ability to schedule one-off messages to your contacts. We’ve heard your pleas and helped you with workarounds in the past, and now we’re thrilled to reveal a revolutionary new way to schedule blast messages, get a head start on your communications, and keep it all organized in Connect™!



Set it and… well, you know the rest

Since we launched Connect™, you’ve been able to build email campaigns based on different dates and triggers. You set aside some time to craft your message, create your audience and launch your campaign so that you’re automatically communicating with your contacts without lifting a finger or clicking a mouse.

Now, with our latest improvement to your tools, you’re able to set up blast messages the same way:

  1. Create your message — either from scratch or using one of the pre-written emails or postcards in our Message Library
  2. Select your target audience
  3. Schedule a sending date and time
  4. Get back to work knowing your message will be delivered on schedule!

Browse our Message Library

Whether you’re aiming for your contact’s inbox or mailbox, you don’t need to start your message from scratch. From your “Accounts” tab, simply create a manual email or postcard, build your audience, then select “Browse Message Library” to peruse our collection of pre-written notes for your contacts. You can send as-is or customize the message to make it your own.

A Brand New Message Center

Now that you have the power to schedule one-off messages, we’ve also added a Message Center where you can see sent, saved, and scheduled messages. Navigate to your new Message Center to review the emails you have scheduled or to pick up where you left off on a draft.

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