4 Steps to Successful Specialization in Your Insurance Agency or Brokerage

Once you are clear on your niche or your ideal client, it is time to figure out exactly what YOU bring to the table that will attract your ideal clients to you.

Step 1: Consider your background and experience.

What kind of expertise have you developed since you have been in the industry? Showcase your current and any relevant prior experience in building your credibility for what it is you deliver today. Your professional work experiences combined will give you insight into the areas you could specialize.

Step 2: Review Your Education

What degrees and certifications do you have? Your education can help you not only differentiate yourself, but also help you determine an area where you might want to drill down and specialize.

Step 3: Look at Best Client Results

In what areas have your clients been the most excited? Has it been in recreational vehicles? Construction equipment? Disaster protection? Computers and technology? Or something else? When you can illustrate many successes in a particular area and as a result, where you have generated a request for your services, that might be one of the keys to take into consideration when choosing your area of specialization.

Step 4: Remember Your Favorite Clients

This is a personal issue, but an important one. No one wants to work with people that they don’t enjoy serving. Life is more fun and a lot less stressful when you actually enjoy spending time with your clients. With that, I invite you to look at the clients you have appreciated working with the most and what it was they specifically needed with regard to your services.

Pull each of these four aspects together and you’ll be on your way to highlighting your specialization for your business!

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