How to Angle Your Marketing to Capture Your Prospects

Even if you offer the world’s best service, you need to establish trust and rapport with a prospect before you convert them to a customer.

An effective way to look at this process is to compare it with sport fishing. Tug too aggressively after the first nibble, and the fish will swim away. It takes strategy, dedication, and a lot of patience to finally reel in a nervous prospect. Here are some helpful tips to become a masterful marketing angler:

1. Have the best bait

Catching the attention of a prospect can be a tricky task, but offering something irresistible is a surefire way to draw them in. Providing eBooks, quizzes, and articles that speak to their insurance needs incentivizes the prospect to come to you. Agency Revolution can even eliminate the work on your end by adding an eBook or Quiz Lead Capture to your homepage, allowing the prospect to enter their contact information in exchange for this valuable content.

2. Maintain Your Equipment

It’s much easier to catch a fish with a top-of-the-line titanium rod than a piece of string and a stick. Having a sleek, clean website, a polished social media presence, and targeted email campaigns optimize your chances of catching that award-winning tuna. Ensure that your branding is consistent between all platforms so prospects grow familiar with your company.

3. Cast a wide net

Though you may have a prime demographic that you try to reach with your marketing, it’s best to appeal to a wide variety of potential clients. Utilize a multitude of different marketing strategies in order to ensure that you are reaching a wide range of ages, incomes, and life stages. Posting on social media, sharing in Facebook Groups, presenting at conferences, and good old-fashioned networking can help you reach an expansive audience.

4. Reel it in!

Once you have engaged with a prospect, had a conversation about their pain points, and expressed what you can do to help, don’t be afraid to jump in with a little honesty. Asking questions like “What is preventing you from taking the next step?” is an open and comfortable way to invite their feedback, and this can help you perfect your messaging in the future…even if this fish gets away!

Striking up a conversation is only the first step in converting a lead to a client. By being strategic and patient with your marketing, you can convert a little nibble into a big catch.

Agency Revolution’s Attract™ includes an optimized website you can use as your killer content hub, loaded with powerful tools to capture the prospects you want. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please give us a call at 888-208-9239 or request a demo today.


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