We’ve made it easier to find and access the campaigns in your Connect™ toolkit that are currently active, and those you’re still working on to customize to your needs. Within the campaigns themselves, it’s now easier to edit specific sequences, categorize your communications, and quickly identify the status of each sequence.

Your Main Campaigns Page

Now you can tell, with a quick glance, exactly which campaigns are active and which are still a work in progress. You can also organize your active campaigns by category, or view them all at once, by using the “Campaign Types” filter at the top of the page. As always, you can find all available campaigns by clicking “Browse Campaign Library” at the top right-hand corner of this new, simplified view.

Your Campaign Details Page

Campaigns can be complicated. You have to determine who your ideal audience is, when you would like to contact them, how you would like to reach them, and what exactly you’d like to say once you’ve got their attention. With all these necessary details to consider, we wanted to make the process of building and reviewing your campaigns simpler.

Similar to your campaign landing page, we have made it easier to determine exactly which sequences are in “live,” “paused” or “draft” mode. We’ve also reordered date sequences to appear chronologically, so a simple glance is all it takes to understand your message schedule. You can also quickly recategorize your campaign to keep Connect™ organized to meet your needs.

Log in and take a look around at this latest round of improvements, and let us know what you think!

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