The snow has melted, pollen is in the air, and we’ve been in spring cleaning mode here at Agency Revolution! We were eager to dust off the cobwebs and make some important tools more clear and less cluttered for you. With mop bucket in hand, we’ve tackled some of the features at the very core of Connect™: adding contacts and steps to your sequences.

Watch the video below to see where we’ve been applying the elbow grease lately:


Creating Your Audience: A Clearer Approach

Getting the right message out is only half the battle. Getting the right message to the right people, at the right time is the whole mop bucket.

To make sure you meet your communication goals, we’ve made it easier to select a segment and choose when contacts are added to your audience:

  • At Launch: we’ll take a snapshot of your selected segment(s) when your sequence goes live and only send your messages to those contacts
  • Ongoing: as contacts meet your segment’s criteria, they will be added to your sequence’s audience and will receive the messages in your sequence
  • In The Future: these advanced settings allow you to add triggers to your audience builder so that contacts are added or removed from your sequence based on certain events, such as a new or lost policy

A More Polished View of Your Audience

We wanted to give you an easier way to view the audience for your draft and live sequences.

Prior to launch, you’ll have the power to see the “potential audience” for your sequence. Then, once your communications have gone live, you’ll have a simple way to view the audience for your live sequence.

Dusting off the Steps

We’ve made the process of adding communication, tagging, and timing steps to your sequences more clear. After sprucing up the process a bit, we’re hoping it’s simpler to add these important steps and to access the metrics on your sent messages.

Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback. See some dust lingering in the corner of the step editor or audience builder? Let us know!

And we’re not putting our feet up quite yet! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some more updates, because what’s the point of cleaning up if you can’t show off?!

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