New School Marketing for Insurance Agents & Brokers

New School Marketing for Insurance Agents & Brokers article from Agency Revolution

Areas where B2C Content Marketers Increased Spending in the Last 12 Months

Search Engine Journal, June 2019

Creating content that engages your audience means more than just posting the same old information.

Insurance brokers and agents must leave superficial content behind in favor of a good mix of original, curated, and canned content. By that we mean a selection of insurance focused blogs, articles, and videos that explore a relevant topic, offer insights or shed light, and generally get prospects to notice you..

The New Digital Marketing Landscape for Insurance

Insurance brokers and agents look at the new digital landscape and some start to sweat. Why? Because digital marketing is like a child who keeps outgrowing their clothes. Just when you think you’ve found the right fit, it’s time to move on to a whole new wardrobe.

And everyone has a different idea on the latest and greatest marketing strategies

“If your independent agency isn’t on Instagram, you’re missing the boat.”

“Get your brokerage more likes on Facebook or your competitors will.”

And so on…

Insurance marketing gurus pitch the latest marketing techniques, you try them out and wonder why they didn’t work like they were supposed to. It turns out the best marketing for insurance agencies and brokerages is content marketing.

Insurance Marketing Videos May Be The Holy Grail After All

Well researched and well written blog posts and articles will continue to be a staple in content marketing campaigns, but they might not be enough to build your brand, create loyalty, and grow your business as fast, or as much as you want. 

If you only target prospects who read blogs and articles, you’re missing out on all the potential leads who prefer only videos, audio, or a mix of content mediums.

According to Nielsen, U.S. adults over 18 now spend over six hours a day consuming video content. And they’re watching video everywhere: on live TV, recorded TV, and especially smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, and other internet-connected devices.

Here’s a quick guide to how you can create valuable content that converts:

  1. Research keywords and topics
  2. Plan what the content will cover (and why)
  3. Write script and shoot the video
  4. Edit
  5. Create graphics, grab screenshots, or consider writing a related blog post or even repurposing the audio for a future podcast
  6. Promote your video and related content across multiple channels

To harness the power of insurance marketing videos, you’re going to need a strategy.

Always work with a specific goal in mind. Do you want to increase your user engagement? Do you want your insurance marketing videos to go viral? Do you want prospects to contact you? Or do you want to generate conversions to grow your book of business?

Give your audience fresh insights for specific topics. Create videos designed to engage your audience with valuable information presented in words and images that reflect their “language.” Are you targeting Millennials who are immersed in technology and prefer casual communications? Or are you reaching out to an older demographic who prefer a more traditional approach?

Understand your target prospects and give them the information they need in the form they prefer.

Give your insurance marketing video viewers something new. Being original is difficult, but when you take the time to research your target audience, you can generate innovative content and find new ways to communicate existing ideas. 

Visit the places your audience frequents and listen in. You’ll find plenty of fodder to create unique content and learn more about how your prospects interact online.

It’s time to go new school with new insurance marketing for agencies and brokerages. Create original, informative content with blog posts, articles, and insurance marketing videos that are personalized for targeted prospects.

Engage, convert, and repeat.

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