The New Marketing for Insurance Agents & Brokers

The New Marketing for Insurance Agents & Brokers

The old marketing really is dead.

Once upon a golden time, insurance agents had a few reliable marketing tricks in their books.

Even if they weren’t exactly powerhouse marketing techniques, they were reliably there.

Like the yellow pages. Today, that’s a sad joke.

Or hanging out at the Rotary and Chamber. Great for one-on-one. But, for rapid growth? Slow as molasses. Expensive as hell.

Yes, those fairytale days are over. (Frankly, the best insurance marketers always had a few more marketing techniques up their sleeve.)

But, times do change.

Technology changed the way consumers behave. And, competitors inside and outside the agency-broker channel have figured that out.

And, they figured out how to reach those consumers. Make them take notice. And, quickly earn their trust.

Yes, often before a new lead ever meets or talks to anyone in your agency, they can already want to do business with you.

That way, insurance leads don’t just come pre-qualified. They come pre-convinced.

Fear and loathing in the new digital landscape

Now, a lot of agents look at the new digital landscape…and freak. Why?

It’s like a baby in diapers. It’ll change five times before the day is over. (And, as often as not, someone’s made a mess of it!)

And it seems, everyone has a different idea on the ‘hottest new idea in digital marketing.’

You know. ‘You absolutely must do this on Instagram!’ Or ‘Here’s your Snapchat strategy!’ Or ‘How to get more likes on Facebook – fast!’ (Likes? I want sales!)

Insurance boasts a hundred gurus who want to pitch the latest tactic… without first grounding it in strategy. It’s no wonder many agents or brokers feel frustrated or disappointed in some digital marketing trick that didn’t really do the trick.

Where do you start? What do you do first?

Smart marketers have cracked the code. And you’ve very likely heard of it.

Content marketing

The kind that makes customers love you. The kind that has every step laid out for you in an easy-to-follow formula.

Why? Why is the industry rapidly shifting its attention to this new way to communicate with the marketplace?

First of all, let’s simply be happy that it WORKS

Money, money, money… is that what it’s all about?

Certainly, money matters. And the kind of content marketing I’m about to share with you will bring it in.

But in my 25 years of consulting with and training agents, I’ve discovered that virtually every single agent I knew had something else that made them tick.

They wanted to make a difference.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my success with content marketing with you. Because here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Your team will love their job even more. Why? Because content marketing is both the most respectful kind of marketing you can deliver. And, because content marketing inherently helps people. (That should become crystal clear as we move along.)
  • Your clients will love you even more. Why? Because content marketing delivers information that is valuable and relevant to the real lives of people who consume it. (How would you like people to THANK YOU for your marketing?!)
  • You will make more money… and that will make open up more and more opportunities for you to contribute time and money to the causes that matter most to you. Or it will open up more opportunities for you and your family. (Or both!)

But, besides the personal, family and community benefits of content marketing… it definitely feeds the cash cow in your agency

Content marketing isn’t just the marketing darling of start-ups and software companies. You’d be hard pressed to find a single Fortune 500 company that doesn’t have a significant content budget. (And most intend to increase that budget next year.)

Industries across the entire business landscape have picked up the content marketing fever. Small, medium and large. Everything from swimming pool installers and plumbers to lawyers and architects.

But what can it do for insurance agents? The advantages are huge:

  1. 1. Have leads come to you (and you can stop chasing leads forever). Imagine getting an inbound call or web request from someone who chose you on purpose.Today’s consumer either shops around before they call – or they’re positively triggered by some content you offered. Either way, if you’re the one they called (because they already trust your expertise), you’ve won before the quote is even given.
  2. Super-charge the productivity of your producers. Commercial lines producers can fritter away a lot of time and money when they spend X% of their time doing their own lead generation. In the ideal world, they’re spending maximum time in front of real prospects and customers. Content marketing helps bring those prospects to them.
  3. Stop ‘practice-quoting’ prospects who will never do business with you. One of the most expensive and wasteful activities in an agency is quoting prospects – who aren’t already sold on doing business with you. Nobody ever gets to 100% but very savvy marketers can easily get it to 80% and above.
  4. Gain more control over your lead flow, customer acquisition and retention. Most agencies can’t quickly solve their growth problem by saying, ‘Let’s hire more producers!’

Smart marketers make a point to understand why their marketing works… so they can do it again and again and again!

So, yes, it works.

After all, why would content marketing GROW so much if it wasn’t getting killer results that serious marketers look for?

Take a look at this graph. It shows how much more people are searching for CONTENT MARKETING than they were before.

Growth in Google Searches for ‘Content Marketing’ 2004 – June, 2017


Here’s why content marketing works so well in today’s world.

Because consumers have changed.

The internet – and all the tools, platforms and gizmos that it offers – has, quite simply, put the consumer in charge.

If they want information…they can get it.

If they want information NOW…they can get it.

If they want MORE information…they can get it.

And they can get it anywhere.

Your best prospect could be on top of Mt. Bachelor with nothing but a smartphone. And – you already know this – they could find out just about anything.

About insurance. About your competitor. About you… IF you have something:

  • VALUABLE… that solves a problem for them.
  • FINDABLE… that uses the right words and techniques to get found in the huge ocean of the internet.
  • MEANINGFUL… that connects with their humanity.