This Spring, we’ve been hard at work sprucing up Connect™ — we hope you’ve noticed things are looking a bit neater! From reorganizing the Sequence Builder, streamlining our login process, and giving you a simple way to neaten up your contacts with a single click, we’re likin’ how things are lookin’ around here.

Recently, we’ve set our sights on cleaning up the Segment Builder. This process is crucial to getting the most out of your tools: by applying the right rules to your segments, you are ensuring that you connect with the right contacts at the right time — so we wanted to make this process as simple and clear as possible. With this update, we’ve given you great starting points for the segments you find yourself creating most often. Now, you simply need to fill in the blanks — Mad Libs-style — to start connecting with your contacts!

Watch the video below to learn more about this simplified approach to creating segments:

A Clear Starting Point

We’ve taken care of the hard part for you: identifying the right sets of rules to generate the ideal group of contacts for all sorts of different scenarios: from clients with upcoming renewals, to brand new or recently lost clients. Simply select your starting point, and customize from there!

Not seeing a segment that will meet your needs? Never fear! You can still build a segment the old fashioned way by accessing the “Advanced” tools:

Click here to take a closer look at all of the starting points we’ve put in place for you and get acquainted with this new, simplified approach to targeting your contacts.

We’re also holding a webinar on Wednesday, June 13th to walk you through this simplified approach to building segments. Click here to register!

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