How Trovato Associates uses Fuse™ to build a more efficient agency

For more than 10 years, Jamie Trovato ran a captive insurance agency. In 2011, he started his own independent agency from scratch. Jamie enjoys having the autonomy to implement the tools, technologies, and processes he believes is the best fit for his agency, his team of producers, and his personal leadership style. 

As principal of Trovato Associates, Jamie chose Agency Revolution’s Fuse™ solution. Fuse integrates seamlessly with his HawkSoft management system and lets him build custom, automated campaigns targeting key client segments. Today, the team at Trovato have several campaigns running on auto-pilot that:

  • Make his agency more efficient
  • Help his producers convert more leads
  • Give his clients a higher quality experience

“Agency Revolution changes your mindset about how to run your agency. With automation, I can make things more efficient on so many levels. From how we take payments to how we follow up with clients.”
~Jamie Trovato, Agency Principal, Trovato Associates

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