3 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Funnel Flowing

You may have heard the term “marketing funnel” before and wondered exactly what it meant. If you could boil down the strategy behind a marketing funnel, it would be this:

  1. Turn investigators into leads
  2. Turn leads into clients
  3. Turn clients into ambassadors

These goals prove especially important for insurance agents. Keeping your marketing funnel flowing is essential for the agency that wants to experience continual growth. Insurance agents are going to have to be diligent in finding, converting, and delighting new clients.

Turn Investigators Into Leads

When it comes to taking someone from casual investigator to active lead, insurance agents are limited by how well their website converts visitors to prospects. If the website is not compelling, no amount of paid search will translate to closed business. 

Investigators want to keep their commitment to the bare minimum. Make sure that your Call to Action (CTA) is clear and asks for the minimum amount of information you need. The more information you ask for, the more value you need to deliver. 

Make sure your website includes easy ways for visitors to engage with you without having to pick up the phone. A CTA like “Ask a Question” or “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” will receive more submissions than “Call Now.” 

If you are asking for a larger commitment, scheduling a consultation, or selling a product, a longer landing page is often necessary to adequately convince a prospect to take the next step. This is another great opportunity for A/B testing. Try two different length pages with the same campaign and see which one converts at a higher rate.

Turn Leads Into Clients

To drive effective marketing that attracts new leads, agents must embrace technology. 

One challenge of acquiring new clients is that you need to reach people with the right message and deliver it at precisely the right time. Sometimes an investigator is looking to take immediate action, but other times s/he is just browsing and it will be weeks, months, or even years before they are ready to act. 

It is important for the agent who is working to convert a lead into a client to deliver content that is value-driven, timely, and convenient. One very effective medium for this type of communication is video.

Videos are an effective and engaging way to communicate information without being taxing. 

The best way to stay top-of-mind is with an ongoing email campaign that delivers real value-driven content on a regular basis. Weekly or monthly delivery of free information creates a positive association with your insurance agency brand and helps to convert leads to clients.

Turn Clients Into Brand Ambassadors

While lead generation gets all the attention, client satisfaction is the most important step of the marketing funnel. Consistently delighting clients ensures stronger, longer-lasting client relationships, and almost guarantees that your clients will be a source of new business for you. 

A client’s satisfaction boils down to one deciding factor: Did the agent deliver service that lived up to (or exceeded) the agent’s brand promise as the client understood it?

That last part is important and it is why it is so crucial that agents understand their own brand promise. They then capture it and communicate it through their marketing from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Emails, social posts, newsletters, and any other content define the agent’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP). 

Once an agent achieves client satisfaction, it is then on to delight. Find ways to connect with your clients on a regular basis. Develop more personal and authentic content to let your clients get to know the real you. You can even use artificial intelligence software to scour the web and recommend content that represents your own tastes to share with clients.Agency Revolution offers a complete marketing suite we call Attract™. Built around your professionally-built, beautifully designed agency website, it includes all the tools you need to keep your marketing funnel flowing 24/7. Paired with our robust content library, you’ll be equipped to launch a content marketing strategy that helps move your prospects from investigator to ambassador.

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