Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents article from Agency Revolution

It’s tempting to chase the “latest and greatest” digital marketing tools to keep your brand relevant, but if you’re not using foundational marketing tools to their full potential, you’re wasting time and money. From websites that drive traffic to an engaging social media presence, you must have solid fundamentals in place to create a progressive marketing strategy.   

Here are five of the best marketing ideas for insurance agents that will help you build a firm foundation for marketing your business. 

1. Let your brand shine with a modern website that attracts leads

A polished and professional insurance website is the foundation for your online presence, but does it attract new business? Your site may look great, but if it isn’t designed with SEO best practices in mind (such as displays, content layout, and content optimization), you’re not driving as much web traffic as you could. 

A custom-built website designed to grow your business should work hand-in-hand with your email marketing and social media strategy. From informative articles and presentations to insightful updates and infographics, your website must promote engagement and anchor your other marketing channels. 

2. Maximize the impact of your email marketing

If you’re not focused on email marketing to grow your agency or brokerage, it’s time to take a fresh look at this marketing staple. Custom emails designed to send the right message at the right time should be the backbone of your email strategy.

Email is a direct channel to your prospects and clients. It keeps your insurance brand top of mind, and it remains one of the most effective insurance marketing ideas for engaging a broader audience. Make your emails feel personal. Well-crafted emails promote email forwarding, social sharing, and referral business. When you create and share email content that provides insurance tips, how-to guides, and other relevant information, your audience will see you as a valued resource and an obvious choice for their insurance needs. 

3. Take your brand awareness to another level with video

Recent surveys show that over 50% of consumers are interested in viewing videos from brands. Thanks to the continued growth of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms, insurance agents have plenty of opportunities to create engaging videos for their audience. You’ll find that video is one of the most powerful marketing ideas for life insurance agents, property insurance brokers, and other niches because it’s easy for prospects and clients to quickly digest a significant amount of information.   

Your prospects and clients are busy, but they’ll appreciate your effort to present your brand via video, since information can be presented while giving a sense of the brand being represented “live” right in the comfort of their office or home. To that end, you can start by using live streams of interviews with experts and clients, Instagram stories featuring community outreach, and videos that answer frequently asked questions. 

4. Make social media the focal point of your insurance marketing

While building a social media presence is one of the best marketing ideas for insurance agents, it’s also an opportunity to connect and engage prospects and clients on a personal level. Remember, people want to do business with people. Use a broad range of content, from industry insights to community involvement, to show your audience you are knowledgeable and relatable. 

A great place to start your social media marketing is by creating a Facebook page. Populate it with insurance insights, case studies, industry news, and behind-the-scenes looks at your agency and staff. Build your campaign and measure the performance with analytics and your audience’s feedback. Tweak your content, improve your targeting, and repeat.

5. Market better and faster with marketing automation

Insurance marketing automation can help smaller agencies and brokerages level the field. Automation can be used with a variety of marketing tools: content, email, social sharing, and more. Marketing automation saves you time and money, and is one of the most effective marketing ideas for insurance agents because it can improve all your marketing channels. 

From streamlining operations to creating a better client experience, marketing automation lets you keep things personal and build stronger relationships faster. You can deliver custom messages using email, text, and postcards that acknowledge important events in your clients’ lives. 
If you’re ready to put these fundamental insurance marketing tips in action but could use some guidance, Agency Revolution is proud to provide insurance marketing coaches that excel at marketing insurance products and services. Our dedicated support team is ready to help you get started today.

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