How to Generate Leads with an Email Referral Program

The secret? Combine Client Data and Automation 

Want to hear a disturbing statistic? While 83% of satisfied customers are willing to give a referral, only 29% actually do. Why is that?

The answer is simple: Agents don’t ask every satisfied customer to give them a referral. But imagine if they did…

It’s not surprising that asking for referrals doesn’t happen consistently. It can be awkward or uncomfortable for some agents to ask their clients for something. It is even harder to check back with a person who has already said no once before.

Referrals: The Good Leads

Remember the scene from Glengarry Glen Ross when all the salesmen are desperate for “the good premium leads”? That’s how you should think of referrals. They are among the most, if not the most powerful kind of leads you can generate.

Prospects who are referred by a friend or family member are four times more likely to buy insurance from you. They are also more likely to make good clients once they purchase. The Wharton School of Business reports the lifetime value of a new referral customer is 16% higher than your average customer.

If you didn’t think it was worth improving your referral program, hopefully, these statistics will make you realize how much potential there is.

When Automation Meets AMS Information

With modern advances in insurtech, marketing tools are now available that automate your referral program. These tools access information from your Agency Management System (AMS) to periodically send personalized emails to your clients asking for a referral when they’re most likely to give one. No more awkwardness. No more uncomfortableness. 

Agency Revolution offers an automated referral campaign as part of its comprehensive suite of marketing tools for insurance agents. Our platform seamlessly integrates with all of the major AMSs and will personalize emails to each recipient.

Benefits of Automation

Using a program like Fuse™ to handle your referral program provides many unique benefits:

Save Your Staff Time

Dedicating an employee’s time for marketing can be difficult to justify. Especially as insurance agencies must work with higher volumes of clients to thrive today. Automated campaigns allow you and your staff to focus on your primary goal: providing great insurance and service to your customers. 

Easy Account Rounding

Fuse™ makes it easy to identify gaps in coverage and to micro-target your list with specific marketing campaigns designed to round your accounts and sell more policies. The more precisely you target your list, the more you can personalize the message.

Increase Efficiency

Fuse™ will trigger automatic notifications to your staff when changes occur to your accounts, policies, and claims activity. Remember, if you don’t retain your clients, you can’t ask them for referrals! Stay informed of the important events affecting the clients you want to keep around.

NPS® Surveys

Automatically survey your clients to keep a pulse on your Promoters, Detractors, and Passive clients. Nurture your happiest clients and gather glowing reviews and happy referrals. Convert your Detractors and Passive clients into Promoters when the time is right. 

Chalmers Insurance Group Case Study

Tia Marie-Gagnon is Marketing Manager at Chalmers Insurance Group. She single-handedly oversees marketing communications for the whole group, and proudly reports that her agency has seen massive results from automated referral campaigns since adopting Fuse™ in 2017.

“It’s thanks to automatic campaigns that drive new referrals and deliver relevant news to clients, direct them to the right resources, and periodically ask for referrals.”

She is also excited about how the marketing suite has streamlined the whole marketing process. “Fuse™ has tightened coordination between marketing and account managers by keeping account managers aware of renewal dates and giving them insights into the best time to reach out to clients. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore.”

Want to Learn More About Fuse™?

Fuse™ seamlessly integrates with the most popular agency management systems to create the ultimate insurance marketing machine.

Enhance your customers’ experience, streamline operations, and save time with insurance marketing automation! With the right tools to automate your communications, you can effectively build agency relationships at scale without losing that personal touch.

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