5 Efficiencies You Need in Your InsurTech Marketing Solution blog article from Agency Revolution

You hear it all the time: Insurance agents who want to compete in today’s market need to adopt technological solutions to help them find, convert, and retain clients. 

The problem is you didn’t become an insurance agent to spend all your time managing different technology solutions. Your first priority is to your clients. Anything that takes your focus away from that can affect your client relationships, increase your overhead, and encroach on your free time.

If you want your agency to have the most efficient marketing technology solution, the time to investigate is before you purchase. There are a few “must-haves” every insurance agent should demand from the product they purchase. 

When you’re considering which marketing software to use in order to grow your business. You should make sure it has the following five efficiencies:

1. Automated Email Campaigns

Marketers across every industry recognize the power of automation. That is why 75% of companies automate their marketing and 63% are planning to increase their automated marketing next year.

In order for a piece of technology to remain a viable long-term solution for your agency, it must be automated. Without automation, there is no chance you will achieve long-term consistency. You may manage something close, but even that would be difficult and less effective.

 Automation allows you to continually send out email campaigns targeting different audiences; casual investigators, new engagements, and long-term clients. You can also incorporate other channels like event invites and physical greeting cards into your campaigns. 

An automated system won’t do ALL the work for you, but it will provide a consistent basis that will magnify your efforts to personalize your marketing. It will provide your online audience with a consistent reminder of the value you provide.

2. Optimized Social Posting

Developing your presence online requires consistent and optimized social posting. Your social presence is likely one of the first things a potential client will see regarding your agency. Last year more than 50% of all people in a study investigated and engaged a new business through Facebook. 

You need a solution that automatically posts content in the right format at the optimized time to the three major platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  

The State of Marketing Automation 2019 report by SocialMediaToday found that 83% of marketers considered social media post scheduling to be suitable for automation, making social media the most popular use case.

3. Integrates with Top Tech

It is very important that whatever software you use in your agency integrates with the other top performing software solutions in the industry. Smaller and newer companies may not have had time to develop the APIs (Application Programming Interface) needed to leverage the power of top-notch insurtech. 

For example, if you were using marketing software that couldn’t access your AMS, you would be making a very inefficient choice in building your technology stack. You are looking for software that has been developed to complement other best practice solutions for insurance agents.

Integrated solutions also allow you to take advantage of advanced segmentation. Determining specific characteristics of an audience allows you to tailor your message and trigger communications at key times, like client onboarding, birthdays, anniversaries, loss of a customer, claims follow-up, and more.

4. Provides Expert Assistance

When it comes to a technology solution one of the most inefficient things you can do is try to figure out everything yourself. But if you don’t have access to a convenient solution for system upkeep sometimes it feels like there’s no other option. 

Your technology solution must provide you access to marketing experts and system experts who can answer any question that might arise for you. In addition you are going to want to find a solution that has a very comprehensive onboarding process so that you are able to better personalize your online web presence to match your agency’s brand.

5. All-in-One Solution

Many technology solutions end up becoming stacks of different programs, sometimes playing well with another, other times, not so much. 

In an article in Inc., marketing guru John Hall said, “All-in-one tech can also reduce the time and mental investment you have to make in your work by automating recurring tasks or integrating key features into one platform.”

The most efficient solution is to find a marketing suite that contains all the different tools, controls, and analytics you need accessible from a single dashboard. Not only does this provide better marketing, but the time and energy cost needed for adoption are not nearly as high as learning several different programs at once.

In conclusion…

When you are investigating which marketing solution to adopt for your insurance agency it’s important to check out all of the features. sure you know what is important to you and then don’t settle for anything less. If you’re interested to start your investigation with our company you can reach one of our success coordinators here.

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