How to Hire and Work with a Copywriter for insurance agents article from Agency Revolution

As a successful modern insurance agent, you know that quality copy is the foundation of your online presence. It describes your services, differentiates you from competitors, and communicates your personality in a way that makes you easy to find through search engines.

Whatever your writing skill, it is essential not to try and write all your copy yourself. You don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to copywriting. You need to run your agency. Your time is too valuable. You need a professional who specializes in creating quality copy.

A good copywriter can help you produce influential articles for your blog and other publications. They can work with you to create an “About Us” page that captures your agency’s personality and position. They can write downloadable assets like whitepapers and eBooks.

Some agents are hesitant to hire a copywriter, but the benefits of finding a good copywriter are well worth the effort. By following these few steps, you’ll be able to hire a quality copywriter and work with them to create valuable content.   

Hiring a Copywriter

Collect Recommendations

It can be challenging to find a good writer who matches your voice and has experience in the insurance industry.

By far, the most effective way to find a good copywriter is to get a recommendation from a colleague. Not only can they assure you the candidate writes well, but they can also set your expectations around process, price, and timeline.

Post on your social profiles that you are looking for a good copywriter. Look for recommendations from people in the insurance field, or at least in professional services. You want to find a copywriter with experience writing in your industry and for your target audience.

Evaluate Their Samples

Finding the right copywriter for your insurance agency means keeping your search focused. Even trying out a copywriter for a single article about insurance is a considerable investment of time, money, and energy. To help your search succeed, make sure you can review several samples from any copywriter.

When reading the samples, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this writer know my insurance niche?
  • Does this writer deliver quality copy?
  • Can this writer match my voice?

If a copywriter can’t show you any samples, don’t hire them. 

Look at their social profiles and website. Get a sense of their brand as a writer. If they can’t brand themselves, they won’t be good at branding your agency.

Hold Tryouts

You may need to try different copywriters in order to find the right one. When comparing one copywriter to another, consider all the factors of the interaction:

  • How good is the writing?
  • Was the content high quality?
  • How simple was communicating with the writer?
  • How long did it take? 
  • Was it delivered on time?
  • How much did it cost?
  • Were they enjoyable to work with?

Usually, when an insurance agency compares three different copywriters’ work, one of them is an obvious winner. However, if you like more than one, consider yourself lucky! Having copywriters, you know you can work with is a powerful creative asset.

Working with a Copywriter

Target Your Niche Audience with an About Page

To help your copywriter communicate your brand effectively, you must define your unique value proposition, or the way your service differentiates you from the rest of the pack. By creating an “About Us” page that describes your insurance agency’s values, the services you offer, your history and experience, and your team culture, you help prospective clients get to know you. It is also a great way to optimize your site for search engines so your website is found by your ideal insurance customers.

To define your expertise, you need to demonstrate to clients and prospects that you are an expert in the field. Work with the copywriter to tailor your copy to appeal to your ideal clients.

Define Calls-to-Action in Web Copy

As you work with a copywriter, you must track the success of their posts. You want to make sure you are getting the highest ROI possible. Good copywriting must do more than attract search engines; it must convert prospects to clients and inspire clients to continue with you. 

The best way to measure your copywriting’s effectiveness is to create a clear call-to-action (CTA) for your pieces. It is helpful to have a consistent CTA so you can compare the number of people who acted on the invitation.

Some evergreen CTAs:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Check your coverage
  • Watch a video
  • Download a whitepaper
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Take a quiz/survey

Providing potential insurance clients with a next-step is vital for your customer journey. It is also an insightful measurement of how successful your copywriting efforts are.

Grow Your Following with a Blog

You already know that blogging is a powerful marketing strategy. It teaches. It helps boost SEO. It’s fuel for your social presence. It is the foundation of newsletter marketing. It allows you to share your expertise in your market niche. 69% of businesses say their blogs drive the most leads.

So why is it so hard to maintain a blog?

We have found that when THINKING about blogging, many insurance agents are very excited to take it on themselves. But when it comes to ACTUALLY writing a blog regularly, very few agents can dedicate that time and energy.

The best long-term strategy for creating new content consistently is to work with a professional copywriter. Blogging is not a one-time or an occasional activity. Consider it a long-term strategy you must invest in in order to drive results. Your first blog probably won’t go viral, but over  months and years, blogging can have massive effects on your business.

According to this study, when your site surpasses: 

  • 50 posts, your traffic increases 53%
  • 100 posts, your traffic increases 300% 
  • 200 posts, your traffic increases 450%

When you hire a copywriter to create blogs for you, think about the pace that makes sense for you and your agency. Do you need a blog post every month? Week? Day? We find that many insurance agents receive great benefit from two blog posts a month. It helps with SEO, keeps their social presence fresh, and provides enough content for newsletters without being too expensive. Hiring a copywriter can be a significant step that will take your insurance agency marketing to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more about Agency Revolution’s insurance-specific copywriting services, click here to learn more.

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