How to Set Goals for Your Insurance Agency & What to Measure in the New Year article from Agency Revolution

Goal-Setting for Insurance Agents Can Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

With 2020 officially behind us, it’s safe to say most of us are looking forward to 2021 being less chaotic and more prosperous for the insurance industry—but looking forward without having goals is like driving to a destination without a map. You’ve probably heard all about how setting goals can make you successful, but insurance agent goals and objectives are so critical for consistent growth, it bears repeating.  

You don’t need studies and reports to tell you how effective setting goals can be. Most insurance agents are familiar with the process, whether it’s from their personal life or their professional one. We’ll assume that most insurance agents understand the concept, and rewards, of goal-setting, but we think a quick refresher is a good place to start.

Most of us are familiar with “SMART” goals. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. Creating strategic objectives using the SMART format will give your insurance goals the best chance for success. We’ll begin with the first part of the process: specific. Where, specifically, do insurance agents need to set goals for 2021? Once you know where to focus your efforts, Agency Revolution can help you with the rest. 

Insurance Agent Goals and Objectives: The Big 3

Goal-setting for insurance agents doesn’t have to be some grand, elaborate plan. If you want to create balanced, strategic goals, there are three primary objectives that will help grow your business in 2021. These goals will help any size agency or brokerage get a jump-start into the new year. 

  1. Build a Strong Online Presence
    Insurance goal-setting starts with a beautiful, professional insurance agent website. If you want to develop a strong online presence, your website must have the tools and content needed to support your brand building. When you use a digital marketing platform like Attract™, your website will have the built-in SEO you need to reach your target audience. 

    From social media campaigns to up-to-date blog posts, you need great content to attract leads and retain customers. Using video, articles, ebooks, and other content, you can establish your agency as a valuable resource for your audience. Share engaging content on your website and social media platforms, as well as in your email campaigns to build stronger relationships and watch your online presence grow.

  2. Automate Your Marketing
    Building your brand online requires not only great content but also an efficient and economical way to distribute and share that content. When you invest in an automated marketing platform like Fuse™, you can automatically send emails, direct mail, text, and other communications. Intelligent automated marketing can help you reach more of your audience, identify gaps in coverage, increase efficiency, and more. 

    Imagine being able to send customized messages that engage your prospects and customers with the information they need most. That’s what marketing automation can do for your agency. Using preformatted emails that are compliance-ready and predetermined timelines that send the right message at the right time, you and your staff will be free to focus on other growth efforts.

  3. Create a Referral Strategy
    When one of your insurance goals is to develop a referral strategy, you can tap into one of the most consistent sources for growth. Believe it or not, most of your customers would be more than happy to give you a referral. So where are all these referrals? They are right in front of you, just waiting for your customer to refer them — and all you have to do is ask. Considering that most insurance shoppers turn to friends and family for recommendations, it’s easy to see just how ripe this low-hanging fruit can be!

    The quickest way to kick off your new referral campaign is to use your automated email system. Automation makes asking for referrals easier than ever because you can send email referral templates on a predetermined timeline. These templates make it easy for customers to give referrals because they don’t have to figure out what to say. 

When you letAgency Revolution help you reach your goals, you’ll find the support and tools you need to succeed. Whether you start with the three insurance goals above or set your sights on other areas of your business, achieving insurance agent goals and objectives is so much easier when you have the right partner. Get your demo today and let’s make 2021 the year you break through to another level of growth.

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