Insurance Agent Websites: 5 Things Every Site Needs Blog Article from Agency Revolution

You invest your resources to drive more traffic to your website, but is your insurance agency’s website pulling its weight? Site visitors want to know about your brand, which niches you serve, and who you are. They want to know these things on their terms, which means publishing informative and interesting SEO-friendly content delivered via a modern website with user-friendly navigation. 

If that seems like a lot of “must haves,” consider the alternative. When you drive traffic to a generic insurance website with dull, outdated content and complicated navigation, that’s exactly what they’re going to think about your brand — tedious, old, and complicated. What a waste! When your audience discovers your brand, the first place they go is to your website. Don’t disappoint them. 

The Best Insurance Websites Can Do It All

Here are five things your insurance agency website absolutely, positively must have to turn it into a modern marketing machine. 

Professional Design

When visitors land on your site, they expect to find the professional design that tells them they’ve found an experienced insurance agent. That means crisp graphics and images, a modern design, and content that gets to the point. It means professionally designed logos, color combinations, and just the right fonts. Because many of your website visitors will reach the site using a mobile device, a responsive website design is a necessity. Look at some of our insurance agent website examples to see what we mean.   

Engaging Content

Your insurance agency provides products and services with a high level of demand — but few prospects understand insurance enough to make an informed decision. When you deliver insurance website content that engages and educates, you’re showing your audience you care about their needs. Help your website visitors make informed decisions about protecting the things they value, and you position your brand as a trusted resource. 

Tailored content is critical for resonating with existing and future customers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be about things other than insurance. Give site visitors something to relate to with posts about staying safe during the pandemic, which cars are the safest, and other relevant topics. When you’re ready to post your content on social media, our digital marketing hub, Attract™, can help get the conversation started.

Intuitive Navigation

The most beautiful and professional insurance agent website is nothing without the intuitive navigation your site visitors demand. Online visitors are accustomed to on-demand information they can get with the click of a button. They don’t have the time or patience to decipher a labyrinth of links and buttons. Entice your site visitors to stay longer by giving them clearly identified, uncluttered navigation tools for finding the answers they need — and all that interesting content. Check out our insurance website templates for some examples of clean, intuitive navigation.


Branding is the anchor for all your marketing efforts, and it’s imperative in your insurance website. Think about all the reasons branding is so critical:

  • A well-constructed brand makes a positive impression on prospects and customers. 
  • Your brand distinguishes your insurance agency across marketing platforms.
  • Successful branding presents an accurate and prominent representation of your values. 
  • Your brand is the common thread that ties together all of your expertise and the services you offer.

Your brand is your agency and all it stands for in one neat and recognizable package. Since your insurance website is the springboard for all your marketing efforts, your brand must be a common element in your website design, content, and audience engagement. 


So you finally have a modern branded website with high-level content and easy navigation. What now? The best insurance websites include the features we’ve mentioned and a way to measure those features’ performance. Just because you use all the right tools doesn’t mean your branding and marketing will automatically grow your agency. That’s what our intelligent marketing platform, Fuse™, is for! 

Integrated analytics let you track the performance of your website components so you can make needed adjustments. Let us integrate your insurance agency’s website and Google Analytics and share our expertise for putting that data to work. You’ll have the insights you need to fine-tune your website and marketing messages for a more targeted strategy. Through digital marketing, growing your insurance agency starts with a branded website with built-in SEO to attract targeted visitors. Join the Revolution and build the website your agency deserves with our insurance website builder, Attract™. We’ll help you create a modern website with all the features from above and more. Get your demo today and let’s put your insurance agent website to work growing your business.

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