Understanding SEO to Better Reach Your Audience

How SEO Helps You Reach Your Insurance Target Market

Who are the prospects and clients in your insurance target market? If you want to improve your SEO and reach your markets, you need to know who they are first. Marketing to a target audience successfully means understanding shared characteristics such as demographics, buying power, and other statistics. 

Audience engagement must be based on much more than generic categorizations — building a relationship with your market means understanding how they communicate, what they need, and how you can help. 

Insurance agents and brokers must understand their target market’s unique needs and learn how to improve SEO. The way companies look for large health insurance plans is very different from the way individuals search for life or property insurance. 

Why do we point out the obvious? Because if your agency isn’t using SEO aligned with a specific insurance target market, then you’re marketing to everyone. And you can’t be the right insurance agent for every market. Taking a general approach with your SEO is like trying to build a relationship with the world. It will not happen, and it’s not good for business. 

If you want companies that need health coverage to discover your brand, you need to focus on that insurance target market like it’s the only one left. What are their pain points? Why are they looking for insurance? What other challenges are they facing? 

You need to ask and answer questions like these using SEO that speaks their language. When you understand your target audience, you can create an SEO foundation for more engagement, more often.  

How to Improve SEO in 3 Easy Steps

Marketing to a target audience requires an investment in collecting and analyzing data to fine-tune your SEO for each successive campaign. And don’t be afraid to get too targeted. A focus on targeted marketing can uncover niches that fit your services best. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. Find a niche (or niches) and become the “go-to” resource they’ve been searching for. 

Pick Your Target Market

How do you know which target markets are the best for your agency? You have to factor in your offerings, market size, market data, and other elements. You’ll need to do your research and dig deep to find those niche target markets, but you can often find target markets in your backyard. Look back and see where most of your business is already coming from and you have your first target market. 

As long as your agency is serving that market well, turn up the SEO heat and attract more of those types of customers. Consider previous jobs or careers. Do you still have contacts in those industries or businesses? Is it a market that needs your services and products? If your agency has, or would like to have a local presence, then you already have a target market. Work up some targeted local SEO to reach out to your community and start building relationships.

Build an SEO-Driven Marketing Campaign

Generic marketing with generalized campaigns will always produce mediocre results because it doesn’t “speak” to any specific market. To engage an insurance target market, you need customized marketing with SEO designed for a refined segment of your audience. But SEO isn’t just about using keywords your audience uses. 

Effective SEO for a target market means engaging your ideal customer through social media, emails, and other mediums on their terms. An SEO-driven marketing campaign that sends the right message on the right platforms shows your audience you’re in tune with their needs. 

Analyze the Data

Analyzing the results of your marketing campaigns is the key to building a niche or reaching any target market. Your audience will tell you what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s missing—if you listen to the data. 

Clicks, opens, replies, comments, likes, and your website traffic tells a story when they’re run through analysis. The story is about your agency’s relationships with prospects and customers. It always has a happy ending when you learn how to improve SEO with Google Analytics and other SEO tools. 

While these three steps have been simplified, engaging an insurance target market is this straightforward. Find the people who need your services, reach out to them, and use the feedback for better audience engagement. Ready to get started? 
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