Marketing Automation Email Best Practices for Insurance

Regardless of claims that email marketing isn’t what it used to be, most insurance customers still prefer communicating with your agency via email. According to a HubSpot survey, 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions and 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses via email. 

Those two statistics alone should make any marketer take interest in marketing automation email best practices for connecting with a ready-made audience. 

Top 5 Email Marketing Automation Best Practices for the Greatest ROI

Email marketing best practices are the foundation for a successful automated email marketing strategy. Email marketing is still going strong and adding automated technology to the mix makes generating leads, converting them, and keeping customers easier than ever. Here are the top five marketing automation email best practices to get you started:

  1. Add More Value to Welcome Emails
    The welcome email is a part of most email campaigns and can often be treated as just a necessary component of a standard campaign. But creating welcome emails that do more than say “thanks for signing up,” may be one of the most important email marketing automation best practices you can adopt.

    Your welcome emails should always express your gratitude, of course. But when you include links to information that is most important at this stage of the customer journey, you help keep your new customer on the right track to get the most from your services, and train their expectations of your agency.

  2. Find the Right Balance for Email Frequency
    Send too many emails and you risk annoying your recipients. This annoyance could cause list churn, complaints, and other unpleasant consequences. But send too few emails, and your recipients may think you no longer care!

    Using an automated email solution will make sure you don’t miss birthdays, anniversaries, and renewal dates, saving you time and money. But determining an email frequency for specific campaigns takes a little more thought.

    How do you find the right balance for email frequency? Instead of choosing the same frequency for all your email campaigns, take the time to analyze the results of your efforts. If you see a drop-off in engagement from recipients, you may want to decrease the frequency or change things up and send them special messaging. Focus on your results and make the changes necessary to keep your audience engaged.

  3. Link Emails to Custom Landing Pages
    For branding and continuity, design your emails to match up with customized landing pages. There’s nothing worse than spending money and other resources on crafting the perfect email only to send your recipients to an uninspiring landing page.

    Reward your email recipients with polished landing pages with valuable content and explicit calls to action. Your landing page visitors will appreciate your insightful content and take comfort in the consistent, branded messaging.

  4. Use Email Content That Gets The Point Across Quickly
    It seems like everyone is busier than ever these days, and we all know the frustration of receiving too many irrelevant emails. Even with brands we’re interested in, we often open emails and find lengthy, poorly designed content that never seems to get to the point. If you want more click-throughs and conversions, clarity and brevity are critical.

    Your goal for most marketing content should be to get to the point as quickly as possible. If you don’t know what the point is, stop and read this before proceeding. Create content that is easy to read and quickly understood and use bullet points, lists, and subheaders to make your email skimmable. Keep things brief and on target and your recipients will be more likely to engage.

  5. Incorporate Engaging Content in Your Emails
    Email newsletters built with engaging content drive more click-throughs. Whether it’s an interesting story, insightful article, or explainer video, giving your email recipients valuable content keeps them engaged. From single calls to action to relevant inline internal links, your audience expects quality content and they want it to be easily accessible.

Agency Revolution’s automated email marketing solution, Fuse™ makes automated email marketing for insurance easy. From the platform’s intuitive editing function for customization to pre-built email marketing drip campaigns, we help you put email marketing automation best practices to work in your agency. Learn more with a free demo and start growing your business with automated email marketing.

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