Insurance Multi-channel Marketing Automation is the Key to Reaching a Broader Audience

Insurance agencies and brokerages know that digital marketing increases brand awareness and drives sales — and they spend a lot of time and money to make that marketing more effective. But are they doing enough? If your agency hasn’t adopted marketing automation technology, it will inevitably fall short even when using the latest and greatest marketing techniques. According to Forbes, 68% of businesses rely on marketing automation to reach their goals, and many are investing in harnessing the power of multi-channel marketing automation.

What Is Multi-channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is a strategy connecting companies with prospects and customers across a variety of marketing channels — online and off. These channels can include social media, email marketing, direct mail, and other platforms. The primary goal of multi-channel marketing is to create a comprehensive outreach program that allows customers to engage with your brand when, where, and how they want to.  

How Multi-channel Marketing Automation Drives More Insurance Business

Multi-channel marketing is an essential part of growing relationship businesses like insurance agencies and brokerages. For an industry reliant upon personal relationships, multi-channel marketing can be the perfect tool for creating and maintaining stronger, longer-lasting ones. Regardless of where your prospects and customers are, creating a strategy to connect with them on as many relevant channels as possible is a proven way to grow your business. 

When you add automation to your agency marketing formula, you can make your multi-channel marketing and other strategies faster, more convenient, more targeted, and more profitable. Here are three of the most important benefits for insurance multi-channel marketing automation:

  1. Multi-channel Marketing Generates Leads and More Conversions
    Lead generation in insurance is a constant, ongoing endeavor that is the foundation for business growth. Marketing automation tools and multi-channel marketing not only help agencies and brokerages reach a broader audience, they also provide data crucial for converting more leads. This data allows insurance professionals to develop in-depth targeting and do a better job nurturing, and ultimately converting, those valuable leads.

  2. Marketing Automation Ensures Brand Consistency
    Marketing automation lets insurance agencies be more active online, reach more prospects, and tap into the power of multi-channel marketing. The ability to post content, engage with your audience, and build relationships quickly and easily presents the perfect opportunity to build a consistent and reassuring presence for your brand. From email campaigns to social media marketing, your prospects and customers want to see a common thread throughout your marketing and communications — a consistent brand with consistent messaging.

  3. Multi-channel Marketing Automation Keeps Things Personal
    Insurance agents and brokers have long known that relationships with customers are about more than business — they’re personal. But just because modern marketing strategies involve an extensive amount of virtual outreach, doesn’t mean those connections can’t be personalized. Multi-channel marketing automation lets you connect in more places more often, but it can also segment your audience for a more individualized, targeted experience. From automated birthday texts to exclusive content via email, automation keeps your marketing moving while keeping things personal.

Next-Level Automated Marketing for Insurance

Want to make your insurance marketing even more singular and create the optimum user experience? When you take automated marketing to the next level with cross-channel and omni-channel marketing for insurance, your agency can connect with an audience on a deeper level and instill greater confidence in your brand. Insurance cross-channel marketing connects your marketing channels so they “communicate” with each other. For example, if one of your prospects signs up for a white paper via social media, when they arrive at your website they’re already known to that channel.

Omni-channel marketing takes things a step further. Omni-channel marketing in insurance creates a consistent, integrated customer experience across the board by, for example, creating an insurance webinar, a social media series of posts, and an email campaign that interconnects. This makes it easy for your audience to move between channels and have a seamless, consistent experience with your brand. That seamless experience will lead to increased confidence in your brand and position your agency as the obvious choice.  

Are you ready to invest in your agency’s future success using the latest automated marketing strategies? An insurance marketing automation solution like Fuse® lets you engage with your audience at a more meaningful level — automatically. Learn more about how Agency Revolution can fast-track your marketing when you get a free demo.

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