Paid Advertising Best Practices and Pitfalls for Insurance Agents from Agency Revolution

Paid Advertising for Insurance Agents

When financial advisors invest in a paid advertising strategy, they can enjoy more quality leads, design a better user experience, and get an impressive ROI for their marketing budget. Consider that Google routinely processes over 90,000 search queries every second, and it’s easy to see how paid ads could help grow your business. The audience is vast. The process sounds simple, but a paid search strategy involves a lot more than putting up ads online. 

To get the most out of paid advertising for insurance agents, you must understand which paid ads to use and where you should position them to reach the most qualified prospects. 

The Best Paid Advertising for Insurance Agents

So which types of paid ads work best for insurance agents? Are you trying to connect with millennials who are new homeowners? Do you have a niche you want to promote to a select group? The answers to these and other questions will determine where you focus your paid search strategy, but you’ll want to use a combination of the following ads.

Paid Search Ads
The most commonly known paid advertising is pay-per-click (PPC). These paid ads are easy to spot: they are in the first few top search results and they are labeled with an “Ad” moniker. While paid ads are predominantly found on search engine results pages, they are staking their claim on social media and a variety of other digital platforms. 

Display Ads
Instead of presenting a solution to a search query, display ads are designed to build brand awareness. These ads typically appear as pop-ups, banners, and text ads positioned using the Google Display Network or with the third party directly. The advantage of using Google is the platform lets you target demographic, geographic, behavioral, and other criteria for optimal results. 

Social Media Ads
According to a Pitney Bowes study, 54% of Gen Z and 49% of millennials cite social media as their preferred channel for business advertising. If you want to target these younger demographics, social media ads can get your foot in the door. But these ads are also highly effective at connecting with other audiences. Social media marketers can filter their audience by age, income, education, and other relevant criteria. Many social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook provide even deeper segmenting by breaking down users based on personal interests, online networks, and more. 

Video Ads
Video is a proven marketing tool for lead generation, brand promotion, and paid advertising for insurance agents. Video ads provide a familiar medium to educate, engage, and build relationships. Video marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other video platforms lets agencies and brokerages tap into one of the most powerful tools for growing their business with paid ads.

PPC Best Practices Guide

From paid search ads to social media advertising, using Google Ads best practices as a foundation can get your PPC strategy up and running quickly. Keep in mind that many paid ads allow a minimal amount of content, so clear and brief copy and other content is a must. Other PPC advertising for insurance agents best practices include keyword research, the use of images and video, and a distinct call to action. 

Select Your Keywords Carefully
Keywords are an intricate part of successful SEO and are the terms and phrases your ideal audience uses when they’re searching for information about insurance. The art and science of SEO and keywords is an in-depth, and constantly evolving, subject. The key takeaway here is that insurance agents can use keywords and phrases for specifically targeted paid ad campaigns.

Remember the Power of Visuals
Not only do many audiences retain information using visuals longer than other mediums, video and imagery connect with viewers on an instinctual and emotional level. Text is still a necessary medium, but when it’s combined with visual content, the results are far better. Whether you use photos, slideshows, graphics, or video, including visuals in your paid advertising will make your ad dollars work harder. 

Make Your Call to Action Irresistible
Even if insurance agents use the best keywords, content, and videos in their marketing and ad content, it’s all for nothing without an effective call to action. Getting your audience to click on your call to action is the whole point, after all. Use content that creates a story, and for viewers to see the ending, they have to click. Offer relevant content that addresses your viewer’s logical next step, and they’ll click. 
Agency Revolution can help insurance agencies and brokerages build their brands, and more relationships, with our PPC advertising services. From setting up your Google Ads account to understanding performance reports, we can help you get the most out of paid advertising.

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