Why Automation is Essential for Growing Your Insurance Agency blog article from Agency Revolution

In our modern working environment, we are more likely to spend most of our time in front of a computer screen, rather than interacting with a customer directly through the telephone or in person. That means that more and more prospects will find you online.

Insurance agents who want to provide high-quality service to their customers have a problem: Communicating with all your clients can be prohibitively costly and time-consuming.

The answer? Automation.

Today, with the help of advanced Insurtech, insurance agents can use automation to help access valuable data about their clients and policyholders from their AMS. This can help them develop well-planned marketing campaigns that can help them increase their revenue.

Recently, PC360 hosted a webinar with Michael Jans, Co-Founder of Agency Revolution. Michael is an expert in helping insurance agents use automated marketing technology to grow their businesses. Here are a few of the topics he covered:


There is almost no feeling worse than having gone to all the trouble to acquire a new client only to lose them early in their client tenure. This often happens because a prospect was not correctly onboarded into the company. 90% of customers say they think their agents could do a better job of onboarding new customers.

There can be a lot of challenges involved when it comes to the onboarding process. Nevertheless, how you present your business to your consumers is vital to retaining them. 

To ensure that new clients’ onboarding experiences are positive, you should do your utmost to provide a seamless onboarding process. With the help of automated email campaigns, companies can easily set expectations, increase client loyalty, and retain their clients. 

An automated onboarding process will also help increase your clients’ lifetime value, which will increase your revenue to your business.

Some things you can do to help onboard your new clients:

  • Welcome new clients and get them off on the right foot
  • Set expectations for how clients can expect to work with you
  • Provide contact information before they need it


Cross-selling insurance products is one of the best ways that insurance agents can boost organic growth with automated marketing. Cross-selling can increase sales by 20% and profits by 30%

An automated marketing system will help you focus more on each client, provide better service and maximize ROI. When it comes to optimizing the lifetime value of your clients, insurance agents should consider automation as one of the most powerful tools that they can use.

If cross-selling is something you are handling manually, you might be surprised by how much time you can save, and how many more clients you can reach with automation.

To some agents, cross-selling can seem like a pushy activity, but studies have shown that the clients respond positively, and stay with the agency longer. 

The feeling they get is that their agent is looking after their interests, which makes them feel as though they are in good hands. 

  • Grow policies per client
  • It shows you’re looking out for them
  • Increases retention


All insurance agents know that retaining customers is one of the most critical aspects of their work. Insurance has the highest customer acquisition costs than any other industry, according to IIAD.  

In this industry, it is common to see a retention rate of 84 percent; however, the top companies in this industry go even further than the industry average. Implementing an automated marketing system is necessary if you want to get the best results. 

By focusing on retaining the ideal clients that you already have, you will increase your business in the long run and create relationships with people you want to know for a long time. With an automated marketing system, this doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can improve your customer retention with ongoing automated email campaigns. 

The following are some strategies you need to consider when it comes to the retention of clients.

  • Touch base with clients regularly. 
  • Consistently review accounts to make sure customers have the right policies.
  • When appropriate, recommend additional coverage

Reputation Management

An online reputation is undoubtedly one of your business’s most valuable assets. Managing your online reputation can be made as easy and straightforward as possible through processes that use the power of automation.

For example, using an automated survey campaign will allow you to get an accurate picture of your clients’ feelings. 

In most cases, insurance agents will just guess how their clients feel when they receive their policies. If you conduct a survey, you will be able to find out what is really going on. 

Customers who provide you with positive feedback can be asked to provide testimonials online or case studies. You might be surprised to learn that 85% of consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. In other words, people trust strangers almost as much as friends. 

It is crucial to address any problems you discover after hearing about your client’s experiences. 

  • Get the facts by giving clients a survey instead of guessing
  • Take action by reaching out before clients become former clients
  • Solicit positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and other platforms


The right automated technology can lead to higher client retention rates as well as better client satisfaction. It can help you onboard your prospects and optimize their lifetime value. In short, you need to be using automation.

If you have been considering how you can integrate automation into your business processes, you may want to explore the various strategies to assist you in this regard.

If you want to learn more about automating your insurance marketing, learn more about our intelligent automation platform.

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