With a Zapier account, Fuse™ users can now integrate their campaigns with over 3,000 apps that support Zapier. 

Here are some quick examples of what that means for Fuse™ users: 

  • Automatically add campaign subscribers to a Facebook Custom Audience to improve Facebook ad targeting. 
  • Integrate with Lob to automatically send custom direct mail to new customers
  • Automatically post new testimonials to Facebook when their NPS® score is 10
  • Send form submission information to Salesforce
  • Add all contacts in an ongoing campaign to Google Sheets
  • Post a message to Slack or Microsoft Teams when a campaign starts
  • Create new tasks in Trello and other task management systems
  • Send new customers a custom sticker view Printful

The possibilities are endless. Learn more about how Fuse™ saves time and streamlines agencies when you schedule a demo or contact support.

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