Three Easy Ways to Attract More Insurance Leads

Whether you’re running an automated lead generation campaign or building goodwill locally, your primary goal for generating leads is to connect and build relationships. To do that, you must understand how to get insurance leads using traditional and digital marketing tools that engage them on their terms. Some demographics still insist on face-to-face interactions, others prefer using the latest technology, and many are receptive to both. 

If you want to know how to get more insurance leads, you have to know how to use your marketing tools as building blocks for those all important relationships. From your website to referral emails, here are the three most important steps you can take today to get a steady stream of insurance leads. 

1. Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine

If you’re wondering where to get more insurance leads, look no further than your website. A professional insurance website must be much more than a showcase for your expertise and services. It must be the foundation for all your marketing efforts and set the tone for how your brand is perceived. Every email campaign, Facebook post, and social media interaction eventually leads your audience to the website — and what they find when they get there could make or break the new relationship. 

Your website appearance and the content inside must be consistent with your other marketing platforms to give your site visitors a sense of order and dependability. A branded website should always align with off-site content and messaging for a natural and engaging user experience. Here are four ways to give site visitors a good experience and make your website a lead magnet.

  • Make it easy for your website visitors to learn more with “Get a Quote” buttons, contact forms, newsletter sign-ups, and links to relevant content and FAQ. 
  • Instill confidence and trust by putting testimonials from satisfied customers front and center and including links to review sites. 
  • Tie your marketing platforms, and your messaging, together using links to your social media profiles and other online platforms.
  • Create informative and interesting content that adds value to your visitors’ experience using text, infographics, images, and video. 

2. Network Digitally and In Person 

Networking for insurance agents used to mean hosting expensive dinner seminars and joining time-consuming community groups. While those marketing efforts still work, the digital world offers so many opportunities to connect in ways that work for you and your audience. Keep in mind that establishing your local presence and your online presence aren’t exclusive. Digital networking and in-person networking can work side-by-side to give your potential customers the best of both worlds:

  • Join your chamber of commerce and help them promote their programs on your website.
  • Sign up for a local Meetup group and interact with other group members on Facebook and non-members on relevant forums.
  • Host insurance seminars for local businesses and offer a webinar version to reach a broader audience. 
  • Take part in a community cause and use your agency’s marketing automation to set up email campaigns to promote and support it. 

3. Multiply Your Marketing Efforts with Referral Campaigns

If you want to know how to get more insurance leads with minimal effort, use your website and networking activities to drive referrals. Email campaigns, social media promotions, and paid advertising are all worthy investments for your marketing budget, but none of them can create the ROI of referral marketing. Compared to other channels, referral campaigns have a lower cost-per-lead, bring in higher quality leads, and require minimal maintenance once they’re up and running. Here are some proven tips for how to get insurance leads with referrals.

  • The first, and most important, step for getting more leads from referrals is to ask for them. Over 80% of consumers are willing to give you a referral but less than 8% of agents ask! 
  • Expand your referral efforts to include non-customers like friends, neighbors, family, and former colleagues. 
  • You can’t offer incentives to new customers, but you can offer them to existing ones for referrals. Movie or concert tickets, gift certificates, and other tokens of gratitude don’t have to drain your budget to make a difference.
  • Put marketing automation to work and create a referral email campaign that makes giving referrals easy and rewarding. 

Learning how to get insurance leads isn’t so difficult when you have the right information and best tools. Agency Revolution can’t hit the pavement and promote your brand in your community, but we can help you drive more leads with the latest marketing tools. 

From an engaging website that attracts and converts leads to automated marketing campaigns, we provide the most powerful marketing tools for today and the future. Learn how your agency can attract more leads automatically by getting your free demo today.

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