How to Build an Insurance Marketing Campaign for Nurturing Leads blog article from Agency Revolution

Just like any other relationship, the one between an insurance agent and their customers requires commitment and nurturing to be successful. Building relationships with leads and customers takes time, effort, and most of all, a targeted insurance marketing campaign. When you fine-tune your marketing to connect with leads on their terms and on the channels they prefer, you’re getting those relationships off to a good start. When you add automation and engaging content, you can move those relationships along more quickly. 

Turn Leads into Prospects and Customers with an Insurance Digital Campaign

An insurance marketing campaign for nurturing leads has one goal: engaging potential customers. Understanding that goal is important for creating a winning lead generation strategy. It’s easy for insurance agents to get caught up with the latest and greatest marketing tool, channel, or whatever else is coming down the digital marketing turnpike. Deciding which new marketing element will give you the greatest ROI for your time and money can be daunting.

That’s the beauty of building an insurance lead campaign — there are very few “wrong” channels or tools. While you can’t design a lead-generating marketing strategy for each lead, you can create an insurance marketing campaign that reaches, and connects with, a broader audience. From email campaigns to marketing automation, the right tools can help you generate more leads and enjoy more conversions

Automated Drip Email Campaigns

Automated drip email insurance marketing campaigns are made for lead nurturing. Unlike your typical one-and-done emails, a well-constructed drip email campaign not only reaches the right audience, it connects with them using proven content that helps them along the customer journey. While your potential customers get the information they need, you get insightful analytics that can help you build even more targeted lead generation campaigns. 

Here’s an example: Say you want to target potential customers who have teenage drivers. An effective drip email campaign would include content about becoming a new driver, how to teach your teenager to drive, or a top 10 list of best cars for new drivers. While you want to include how your agency can help, most of the content should be focused on your target audience and their unique needs.

Targeted Content Marketing

Targeted content makes drip emails successful, and it can do the same for your website, texts, social media posts, and other marketing channels. When you create valuable content and promote it on the channels your audience frequents, your content becomes a cross-channel staple that attracts more leads. Whether the message is received via email or Facebook, the people you reach want to know that you know your stuff. But they also want to know that you understand who they are and what they need on a personal level.

As with email marketing, targeted content is all about the lead or customer. The key is to express a genuine interest in helping them, not just with insurance, but with other things that are relevant to their life. Get it right, and targeted content will position you as a resource your audience can count on for helpful and insightful information, and ultimately, their insurance needs. 

Video Content Campaigns

While video won’t replace written content any time soon, it is fast becoming the preferred method of engagement online. You can put video marketing to work on your website, social media platforms, and other digital channels and fast-track your lead generation. When you use video in newsletters, emails, and other mediums, you’re giving your audience a quick and easy way to learn about, and engage with, your brand. Want proof? Check out our video about using video for lead generation

When you consider that eight out of ten companies report that video was a determining factor in a buying decision, it’s easy to see why videos should be a staple for successful insurance marketing campaigns. And don’t think you need to create elaborate, large-scale productions to get the most for your video budget. On the contrary, your audience may engage more with a short clip shot on your phone as long as the information is valuable. When you focus on getting the message across rather than the optics, you come across as a real person who viewers will see as relatable and trustworthy.  

Building an Insurance Lead Campaign Using Marketing Automation

When you build your next insurance digital campaign, keep in mind that every lead is different, so the marketing tools you use must be different too. That means using an omni-channel approach and harnessing the power of automation with a comprehensive marketing platform like Fuse™. From creating engaging content to building your online presence, you can learn how to put lead nurturing on autopilot when you get a demo today.

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