Insurance Reputation Management Made Easy

Your agency’s reputation is its most valuable asset. Whether your customers come into the office or engage online, you better believe they’re doing their homework beforehand. They want to know who they’re doing business with and what other customers have experienced before they make contact. 

But it’s no longer enough to be an experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted insurance agent in the digital world. To compete online, you must have all the above, be a savvy digital marketer, and manage your online reputation. Managing your reputation online successfully is critical because your agency reaches a much larger audience who can have higher expectations than a local audience. 

What is online reputation management? Online reputation management is anything your agency does to enhance, or detract from, its reputation. Your website’s content, your last tweet, and the emails you send all affect how your brand is perceived and they become a permanent part of your online reputation. 

7 Tools for Managing Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management for an insurance company requires a fresh approach. Here are seven proven ways to monitor, manage, and improve your online reputation. 

  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service
    Just like in the physical world, excellent customer service online is the first step for creating a stellar reputation. But customer service means much more than providing support after a sale. It means having a website that provides a satisfying user experience, sharing your knowledge via social media, and optimizing the customer journey from beginning to end. 
  2. Maintain Accurate and Consistent Online Business Listings
    You likely know firsthand how frustrating it can be when you want to contact a business and you find incorrect and inconsistent contact information. When your business listings aren’t managed well, your customers can feel that same frustration — until they move on to the next agency on the page. 

    There are only a handful of online business data aggregators, but the data they publish can be found all over the internet. That means a phone number with one wrong digit or an outdated address can show up thousands of times, compounding the negative impact. We can help you take control of your business listings with our local search solution and get your customer’s journey started on the right foot.  
  3. Improve Your Agency Reputation Using SEO
    It’s no secret that most internet searchers don’t search past the first page on Google. That’s why ranking on page one is so important for online businesses like your agency. Simply put, if your prospective customers can’t find you, how can they help you build your online reputation? When you put SEO to work on your website, social media platforms, and in the rest of your marketing, you’ll reach more of the audience you need to build your brand and your reputation. 
  4. Engage on Social Media Frequently
    Most of your potential market, particularly millennials, frequents one or more social media platforms, and so should your agency. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are effective marketing channels for posting agency news, local interest stories, and reviews from your satisfied customers. While you can’t be online all the time, it’s important to your reputation to post consistently and respond to followers immediately.  
  5. Monitor Review Sites
    Even when you provide a high level of customer service and establish a trusted online presence, not everyone is going to be a raving fan. If someone has a complaint or concern regarding your agency, you need to know about it immediately.

    Your online audience only knows you and your brand online, so it’s difficult for potential customers to determine the validity of online reviews. That’s where you come in. When you monitor review sites using an application like Google Alerts, you can respond to legitimate concerns quickly and correct any unfounded negative reviews. 
  6. Embrace Negative Reviews to Improve Your Reputation
    We all love to read our agency’s latest glowing reviews, but it’s often the negative ones that can help us improve our online reputation. Negative reviews based on actual, and sometimes perceived, experiences can be a gold mine for genuine, actionable feedback.

    The quicker you respond, the better the opportunity you have to make things right and show how important customer service is to your agency. Learn how to minimize the damage and create a positive outcome with these tips
  7. Ask Customers for Feedback
    In the search for the latest and greatest online tools, many agents miss one of the most effective and easiest ways to get more positive reviews — asking current customers. You know most satisfied customers don’t post reviews, but did you know most of them would if you ask? And asking for those reviews couldn’t be easier when you use an automated marketing tool like Fuse™.

Learn more about insurance reputation management and how your agency can build a better brand when you watch this quick video. Find out how advanced tools and automation can make reputation management easy — reach out via email, phone, or chat and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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