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How Insurance Email Templates Make Customer Engagement Easier

Think about how often you check your personal email each day. Your customers and prospects are doing the same thing, so you’re missing the boat if you aren’t using email marketing for your insurance agency. Research shows that email marketing generates $36 for every dollar spent

If a 4,200 percent ROI for your marketing budget isn’t enough to get you motivated, we don’t know what will. Maybe you’ll get on board if we also explain how fast and easy it is to market with insurance email templates and automation technology. Your agency likely uses email to communicate with customers and business partners, but do those emails give you the biggest bang for your buck? 

Besides the proven effectiveness of email marketing for generating leads, it’s also an ideal tool for onboarding new customers, account rounding, attracting referrals, and more. Email works. Why not make it easier to send more of them more often using email templates and automated campaigns? 

5 Ways to Harness the Power of Email Templates for Insurance Agents

Insurance email templates save your agency time by providing prewritten content for all your email campaigns. You or your staff don’t have to create a new email each time you want to communicate, and you get the assurance that every communication is on point and compliant. That means your agency can launch campaign after campaign with tailor-made content that engage, inform, and drive business.

  1. Onboarding
    Customer onboarding is not a formality; it’s an essential component for maximizing customer lifetime value. Research shows that just over half of brands send a welcome email, much less put forth the effort to make onboarding feel important to customers.

    Making your onboarding an experience that makes customers feel special will position your agency ahead of many competitors. When you add email templates and automated campaigns to the mix, your onboarding process can become a unique selling point.
  2. Reputation Management
    Email templates can also help your agency manage its online reputation, turn detractors into promoters, and retain more of your hard-won customers. When you create a template for sharing reviews and testimonials, it’s simple to customize the content with your latest five-star rating or raving review. 

    Templates can also expedite your response time to those inevitable negative reviews too. By responding quickly and sincerely, you can turn a dissatisfied customer into one of your brand’s ambassadors. You can also use templates to keep the communication flowing with your existing customers to keep them in the loop and improve retention.
  3. Account Rounding
    If identifying and closing gaps in coverage for your customers isn’t a focal point in your marketing strategy, it’s time to put technology and templates to work for account rounding. With an automated marketing platform and prewritten emails, segmenting customers and creating cross-selling campaigns has never been easier.  

    Templates make it simple to create on-demand account rounding emails for all your agency’s most common scenarios. Fix gaps in your customers’ coverage with policy cross-selling campaigns for common scenarios. Construct pre-written emails for specific customers that educate and inform, include a strong call to action, and watch your customer value steadily increase.
  4. Referrals
    Converting a referral means much more than simply gaining a new customer. According to the American Marketing Association, referred customers are more loyal than non-referred customers. More loyalty leads to greater lifetime customer value and more referrals to create increased revenue and steady growth. So what kind of email content do you need to find these valuable referrals?

    Most of your customers would be happy to give you a referral, so you typically don’t have to do much convincing in your content. Asking for a referral and making it easy for your customer to do their part is often enough. Simply set up your referral email template and use automation to send it to your referral list.
  5. Retention
    While many email campaigns will have a specific goal, such as welcoming a new customer or boosting referrals, creating campaigns that add value to your customers’ lives is essential. Automated campaigns make it easy to use email templates to send the right message at the right time, so there’s no excuse for missing an opportunity to connect.

    Email templates that include monthly newsletters, industry news, and other insurance-related information let your customers know you have their interests at heart. Templates also make acknowledging customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special life events an ongoing part of your marketing strategy that helps keep customers longer.   

If you’re ready to generate more leads, grow referrals, and retain more customers using the latest marketing technology for insurance, Agency Revolution can help. Fuse™ is an intelligent marketing automation platform built for insurance agents that comes loaded with pre-written email campaigns designed for independent insurance agencies.

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