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Announcing ActiveAgency Magenta!

By January 28, 2022Inside Forge3
Magenta Sample Homepage Displayed on Laptop and Phone

We are very excited to announce the release of the latest version of ActiveAgency, Magenta! ActiveAgency already had everything an independent insurance agency needed for a unique and effective website, with Magenta adding increased functionality and scores of new design elements. Committed to helping agencies reach more prospects and assist existing clients in managing their insurance needs, ActiveAgency Magenta is conversion-focused and the most accessible version of the platform yet.

Each version of the platform is built with the future in mind, and existing ActiveAgency users can take advantage of many new enhancements. Older ActiveAgency websites are as beautiful, interactive, and effective as they ever have been, now with even more powerful tools available. Signature features like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Video Proposals, and Power Panels also work seamlessly on all versions of the platform and remain a total wow factor for clients and prospects alike.

Liz Allebach, Group Product Manager, said, “Magenta is the best insurance website the industry has seen. While building Magenta, our team considered what an agency really needs to be relevant in 2022. They need a website that highlights their reputation and strong social credibility. The website needs to highlight what the agency cares about and what the agency’s local market values. It should also convey why choosing an independent insurance agency is a better choice than writing directly with a carrier. Magenta does that…and more!”

“For me,” Ian Zeiders, Manager of Content Management, added, “the coolest part of Magenta is the extra emphasis on making websites that are even more user-friendly. From the way the coverage pages have been restructured to the accessibility of relevant calls-to-action in the menus, footer, and across the site, I think Magenta will help users find what they are looking for and make informed decisions based on what they find.”

Manager of Visual Design, Joleen Fetter, said, “I have been excited about ActiveAgency Magenta’s release for some time now. There has been an incredibly talented team behind Magenta’s development, and it has been gratifying to see it come full circle. Now that it is time for Magenta to be used to its full advantage, I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Steph Brace, Technical Product Owner, said, “From a design perspective alone, Magenta is such a fresh take on ActiveAgency. Every element of a Magenta site is bolder, sharper, and even more engaging than previous versions of ActiveAgency. Magenta is conversion-focused, easy to navigate, and super dynamic. Customizing ActiveAgency sites for the unique needs of our clients just became even easier and more fun, and that shines through in our designs!”

Two exciting changes that existing ActiveAgency clients can take advantage of include the dedicated Clickable Coverage page showing all graphics in one place, as well as the enhanced Hello Producer capabilities. See it in action at the bottom right of the page. Those who want even more changes might also consider a full refresh for their website.


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