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Boost Commercial Insurance Sales with Marketing Automation

Boost Commercial Insurance Sales with Marketing Automation blog article from Agency Revolution

Commercial insurance sales are akin to reeling in an enormous fish. The payoff is stupendous but the time investment reflects that. That’s where intelligent marketing automation comes into play, allowing insurance agencies to build commercial lines relationships within a fraction of the time. It turns you from using a regular fishing pole to getting fish to a mechanical net. 

Read on to learn how to enhance your commercial sales and marketing with intelligent automation.

What is marketing automation

Marketing Automation uses technology to enable insurance agents to engage with potential customers across multiple channels within various stages of the sales and marketing funnel automatically.

In this article, we will discuss three ways insurance agents can use marketing automation to enhance their commercial lines sales and marketing:

  1. Implement Pre-Built Automated Email Campaign 
  2. Auto-Schedule Blogs and Social Media Content
  3. Nurture Niche Client Segments with Personalized Communication

Automate Your Client Emails 

Automated Marketing allows insurance agencies to attract new clientele and keep existing ones without disrupting valuable sales workflows. Engaging and interacting with your clients is necessary to keep customer retention and satisfaction high. Implementing a marketing automation strategy will assist sales in their ability to assure new clients that their choice to go with your agency was the right one.

Agency Revolution’s Fuse™ comes with a library of pre-built automated email campaigns for common insurance scenarios such as cross-selling, claims follow-ups, new customer onboarding, and more. Not only that, but it can also auto-personalize content for everything, including sender information, contact details, client policies, and the agency representative, to name a few.

Insurance sales agents can have final approval on messages with the Fuse™ platforms Outbox feature—allowing sales agents to make last-minute updates and customize the email sender with a click of a button. Automating your client email marketing with advanced tools improves the customer experience while making both the sales agents and the agency look like rock stars. 

Intelligent automation goes beyond scheduling email messages. It auto-personalizes every communication and triggers delivery at the most relevant and impactful time—all while tracking how it impacts your insurance agency. Enhance commercial sales by automating email, text, and direct mail communications with Fuse™. The more confident clients are in your knowledge and understanding of their needs, the more they’ll be willing to invest in commercial insurance policies from your agency. 

Take advantage of your automation to show off your expertise in the field and wow your insurance customers. Not only will it boost your retention, but great marketing automation will also keep you top-of-mind with prospects and boost policy sales.

Automate Your Marketing Content 

Relevant and valuable content is important for establishing your insurance agency as an industry leader. Fortunately for you, you’re an expert on a topic few business owners understand and almost every commercial business needs. Insurance blogging is a great opportunity to build authority as a thought leader in your industry. Insurance agents can automate their blog content by using the scheduling feature in our Attract™ website platform to set times for blogs to post and automatically share them on social media. Repurpose the content you’ve already written to create new and engaging articles, checklists, videos, ebooks, or anything else your audience would engage with.

Social media is a popular vehicle for marketing because it allows agencies to engage directly with their audience. Using social scheduling tools, like the ones built into our Attract™ websites, allows you to share new blogs on social as soon as they are published on your site. That means easy audience engagement without having to worry about timing your posts. In fact, over 3.6 billion people worldwide use social media. Including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It helps drive traffic to your site by optimizing SEO and consistently sharing relevant content through an automated schedule.

Automate Personalized Niche Communication 

Niches are a crucial part of any business because companies can’t sell everything. Picking a focus or niche ‌allows a business to succeed and grow. If you know what you’re selling, to who, and why, then you ‌learn the ins and outs. When you show that you have a genuine understanding of their industry and needs, that will build trust and deepen the relationship. It reassures them that they chose the right agency.

One fear people have with automation is losing the personal touch, but that isn’t an issue when using Fuse™. Your management system integrates with Fuse™ allowing for intelligent automation by leveraging data you already have. This allows agencies to segment their lists for personalization and relevance. Trigger emails, text messages, direct mail, and staff alerts based on a wide range of data points, along with auto-personalizing communications, so your audience knows every message is relevant, timely, and personalized. When a prospect fills out a form or new information about them is added to the management system, Fuse™ knows, and will automatically send relevant and timely content—keeping your agency top-of-mind and building real relationships at a greater scale than ever before. 

Larry Trapani, President of Brooks-Waterburn uses Agency Revolution to automate insurance marketing for his laundromat niche. He said “Once that prospect exists, we tag it in Agency Revolution as a laundromat prospect.” This tag queues the prospect to receive both pre-built and custom-made content for his laundromat niche. “For example, cart safety, how to prevent slipping floors, what to do if you have workers’ comp claims, these are smaller pieces of content that we give to prospects, and that helps that closing ratio,” he explains.

Marketing automation makes things more efficient and Agency Revolution provides the tools necessary to attract clients, build relationships and grow revenue. Starting with Fuse™, an automated marketing system that uses the data in your management system to deliver personalized omnichannel communications throughout your customer’s journey. 

Follow the link to learn more and kick start your own marketing journey.


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