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Using Marketing Automation to Take Agencies to the Next Level

Intelligent automation is a popular phrase that is thrown around a lot these days, especially when it comes to insurance agencies; but what does it mean? In simple terms, it’s the process of analyzing data to orchestrate users, tasks, systems, and communications based on a business’s needs. Automation is all about increasing company performance by using an automated system to increase sales and boost marketing. 

Not all automation platforms are built equal. Some do little more than email, but Fuse™ has been built to integrate with your agency’s management system to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Ensuring that you’re able to delight clients and nurture leads.

What makes Fuse™ so effective? Fuse™ is effective because:

Fuse™ Goes Beyond Simple Email Automation

These days, email is one of the most commonly used means of communication between an agency and its clients. Many companies don’t realize that 70% of email is opened on mobile devices and other automation platforms don’t account for this. Emails sent by these platforms can be unresponsive, hard to read, and just overall ineffective when it comes to communication. Fuse™ on the other hand is optimized for both mobile and desktop while maintaining an automated system that presents users with templates and layouts that will fit any subject. 

It doesn’t stop there, Fuse™ is about automating your communication while giving you the freedom to personalize your work. It doesn’t just check the boxes—it allows for that human touch all client communication should have. Fuse™ features 80+ fields of automated customizations, from client names, their active policies and claims, upcoming renewals, coverage gaps, and many more. Agencies are able to pick from a list that houses client data and customize emails specifically for said customers. Fuse™ goes beyond email by allowing users to automatically send text, postcards (direct mail), and staff alerts. Made to fit any business’s needs, it combines the best of both physical and digital communication. The best part is all emails, text messages, postcards, or staff alerts are triggered automatically.

Agencies make their clients feel important and heard by auto-personalizing sender information for every message to come from a specific agent, manager, or even the head of the company. Even better, automated alerts can be used to communicate with workers and streamline operations within the agency. Because clean data is important, a built-in error system notifies staff of bad data that needs to be addressed. 

Fuse™ Makes Campaigns Easy

Getting a marketing campaign off the ground can be a hassle. Establishing templates, creating content, choosing who you want it sent to, and finally scheduling it out for delivery can take more time and work than an agency has—but not with Fuse™. Featuring a built-in library of content and campaigns you can use as-is or customize for your agency. Our team of experts crafts content built for the needs of today’s insurance agency.

It gets even better with quickstart campaigns; with just a couple of clicks and your agency has scheduled your first automated campaign that will reach every contact at the perfect time. If you want to customize a campaign, Fuse™ makes it easy to modify any content or add new messages to any pre-built campaign. Automation makes keeping up with account reviews and renewal easy. Renewal emails are sent automatically when a client’s policy end date approaches.

There’s more that makes direct mail, text, and email automation so great on Fuse™. When automation isn’t a good fit for a particular message, we have you covered. When creating campaigns you’re able to leave them fully automatic or edit and customize emails completely. The Outbox feature allows users to review and edit all emails scheduled to go out even allowing adjustments for specific contacts. The Broadcast feature makes it possible for users to review and edit one-off emails. Fuse™ gives you the flexibility to be fully automated, partially automated, or completely manual.

Fuse™ Helps Understand Statistics

Campaigns are one of the main focuses when it comes to marketing so it’s important to understand how they are performing and what can be done to make them better. Fuse™ has a wonderful statistic system that itself is automatic. It allows you to see which campaigns perform the best, what automation is doing for you, and other important factors to understand about your client communication. 

The NPS or Net Promoter Score lets agencies know how likely a client is to promote your business to other potential customers. This is usually done with a customizable feedback survey which can be automatically sent as is or personalized. The feedback system informs on who the customer is and highlights what issues they may have, but it can also be used to communicate the good things the agency is doing. Maybe the client really enjoys how a certain service works, they’ll be sure to let you know. It’s all done on the feedback page which is perfect for interacting with customers.

Fuse™ makes cross-selling an effortless experience. If you want to reach clients who currently have house coverage but no car insurance, Fuse™ has dynamic and ready-to-go list parameters for common situations like this—or you can create custom lists from any contact information in your management system. With the click of just a couple buttons, you can trigger a pre-built cross-selling campaign to automatically deliver at an appropriate time. Agencies can set omnichannel campaigns or single messages trigger based on data such as policy expiration dates, client birthdays, and much more.

Marketing automation makes things more efficient and Agency Revolution provides the tools necessary to attract clients, build relationships and grow revenue. Starting with Fuse™, an automated marketing system that uses the data in your management system to deliver personalized omnichannel communications throughout your customer’s journey. 

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