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Acquired: Forge3 Joins Agency Revolution

By August 15, 2022September 8th, 2022Inside Forge3
Acquired: Forge3 Joins Agency Revolution

I’m an insurance guy.

My dad worked at Chubb his entire career. He started as an underwriter out of the Pittsburgh office, moved his way up, and retired as President and CEO of PLI Brokerage. It was a large, independent insurance agency owned by Chubb and later sold to HUB International.

Following in Dad’s footsteps, I began my career at Chubb in the late 90s, initially working part-time while going to college and eventually joining full-time as Webmaster after I graduated. Insurance runs deep in the Teschke family.

Acquired: Forge3 Joins Agency Revolution - Bob and Jeff

I’ve always been a huge fan of the independent insurance model. I see the tremendous value carriers and agents bring to families and businesses everyday and wanted to do more to help the industry, especially as technology began to play a bigger role.

And that’s why I created Forge3.

The early years were far from glamorous, but when we launched our ActiveAgency website platform in 2016, things really took off.

The concept was simple. We wanted to build a cost-effective website solution for insurance agencies that helped them look amazing, get found, sell more, and service better. We added the industry’s most innovative sales tools and features like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Power Panels, Video Proposals, and more, all wrapped in a highly customized design unique to each agency.

We’ve grown every month since launching ActiveAgency and now have well over 1,200 agencies using ActiveAgency across the country and around the world. On average, an agency signs up every day.

ActiveAgency Platform - Magenta Mockup for Desktop and Mobile

Agency Revolution, an FMG Suite Company, Acquires Forge3

ActiveAgency has quickly become the industry’s highest-rated, fastest-growing website platform. We’re committed to continue pushing the platform forward and have some very cool things in the works. More to come on that later.

However, there’s more to today’s marketing than merely having a website. And that’s where Agency Revolution comes in. They have a powerful marketing automation and communications platform called Fuse™. It enables insurance agencies to stay in touch with prospects, clients, and other contacts with an automated, done-for-you solution using emails, text messages, and more.

For example, Fuse™ can send an automated email to clients that have a policy renewal coming up. That email will appear to come “from” you and your agency and could have a link to the Policy Review Form on your ActiveAgency website. Once there, your client completes the form by answering targeted questions that you can then use to identify coverage gaps and cross-sell opportunities. And it’s all automated. But that’s just one simple example. There’s so much more that’s possible.

Ultimately, our goal has always been to empower the independent insurance market with innovative, best-in-class technology backed by friendly, human-powered service and support. There are some exciting possibilities with integrating our website platform with Fuse™ in the months and years ahead.

Our Reputation and Team

More than anything else, I’m most proud of our reputation within the industry (see the raw, unedited feedback). This doesn’t happen by accident. We have an incredible team dedicated to wowing people daily. I will forever be amazed and thankful to be part of the journey with them. It’s really incredible to see.

Our entire team is remaining in place. In fact, we just added three more folks last month. So, all of the people you know and love will continue to provide outstanding service, helpfulness, and smiles, just as they always have.

My role will be a bit different going forward. I’ll continue to facilitate the transition as an advisor to the combined companies and will always be a champion and advocate for the industry in general. But, after 6,646 days (that’s 18+ years!) with Forge3, I’m also looking forward to stepping back slightly to spend some quality time with family, friends, and the things that matter most in life.

Questions and What’s Next

As with any announcement like this, there will likely be excitement mixed with plenty of questions and concerns. To start, read the announcement and check out the FAQs.

Thank you for being part of our success story. It means more than you realize.

Forever forge ahead!