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Meet Your Mechanics April 2024: Get to Know the AR Pit Crew

By April 30, 2024Inside AR

Each month, we give the Agency Revolution team a prompt and ask for a picture and an explanation. Keep reading to find out the answers!

April Prompt: April 11 is National Pet Day. Show us your pets!

Donna Chesman

Donna Chesman, Integration Specialist for Forge and Fuse, said, “This is Kahn. He is my heart kitty. He’s fifteen years old, and demands snacks every hour on the hour. His favorite toys are crunchy fall leaves and things he shouldn’t try to eat.”

Monika Baraket

VP of Operations Monika Baraket said this: “This is Rusty. We think he is a Cairn/Norwich Terrier mix. We adopted him in 2021 from a local shelter. He is really an amazing dog. Super quiet, gentle, and cuddly, but also ferocious when there is a squirrel in our yard!” She goes on to say he thinks he’s an infant, and this is his favorite position when he’s relaxing.

Stefanie Altman

Stefanie Altman, VP of Marketing, said, “This is Archer. We got him 4.5 years ago from a breed rescue. He’s a super high energy German Shorthaired Pointer.” Archer runs with Stefanie for at least two miles every day, and he even gets away with being a sixty pound occasional lap dog.

Allie Hueffner

Allie Hueffner, Maketing Operations Manager, has Bentley, who she describes as an angel on earth. Because he’s a rescue, Allie’s not exactly sure of the breed, but she thinks he’s pitbull and lab. He loves laying on the couch and on pillows and blankets!

Sarah Heckman

Client Success Manager Sarah Heckman shared this photo of Fergus and Wintson. They are brothers who are just under two years old. Fergus, the orange cat, likes to sit on Sarah’s shoulders and watch her cook. Winston, the grey cat, is an expert mouse hunter. Both enjoy sunbathing and bird watching, and they both refuse to drink water unless it’s out of an actual drinking glass.

Benjamin Beutjer

Benjamin Beutjer, an Elevate team member, said, “Alright, buckle up,” when asked about his pets! The top left is Biscuits, the Queen of All Things. In the top right corner is Otto, who is over thirty pounds and “continues to grow bigger every day.” In the bottom left corner is Eli, the husky. Benjamin said nothing could prepare him for Eli’s craziness. In the center is Aughra, a one-eyed kitten they saved from the streets. She is believed to be “the embodiment of chaos.”

Rose Hayes

Rose Hayes, Manager of Enterprise and Major Accounts, said, “This is Sadie! She’s a senior rescue we adopted two years ago!” Even though she just turned eleven, she still gets mistaken for a puppy at the dog park. She also loves carrots and dental sticks.

Joel Zwicker

Insurance Evangelist Joel Zwicker shared this picture of his two Frenchies, Louis and Lilly!

Bethany Jorgensen

Bethany Jorgensen, Lead Project Manager, says, “This is my mini Dachshund, Gherkin! He will be nine in June, and he is the literal love of our lives.”

Melissa Monk

Lead Integration Specialist Melissa Monk showed us her fur babies! Her basset hound will be nine this year, and her lab is almost two. Melissa got the lab to keep the basset hound young, though sometimes he drives his big brother nuts by wanting to play all the time!

Kayla Mjaatvedt

Kayla Mjaatvedt, our Manager of Client Experience and Success submitted pictures of her furry crew! At the top are brother tabbies, Charlie with the long hair and Teddy with the short hair. They’re ten, but you’d never know it with how crazy they play. On the bottom left is Josephine, Joey for short, who is a border collie/mini poodle mix. She just turned one. On the bottom right is Brantley, a hound mix Kayla’s husband adopted thirteen years ago. He loves bones, chew toys, and long naps in bed!

Ian Zeiders

Ian Zeiders, Manager of Client Onboarding, showed us his Chinese Crested, Pearl. Pearl doesn’t have fur, so she has to wear dog clothes to stay warm. Ian said, “She also sleeps all day and doesn’t bark, so she’s likely half dog, half cat; we’ll never know!”

Kassie Rainford

Project Manager Kassie Rainford shared these pictures of her Goldendoodle, Nelly. The first picture is Nelly and Kassie out on a run, which Nelly loves. The second picture is Nelly in her Christmas PJs, which she may not love as much but that keep her warm in the winter!