December 13, 2018

[Transcript] Jeff Roy – President & CEO of Excalibur Insurance...

Michael: Jeff Roy, how are you? Jeff: Good, Michael. How are you? Michael: I’m very, very good. Thank you. Thank you very much for joining us. I’m going to start with the thumbnail sketch. Jeff, tell us a little bit about yourself. Jeff: I’m a broker, in the US called agent from the Great White […]

December 6, 2018

[Transcript] Bruce Dickhoff – President & CEO of the North...

Michael Jans: Bruce Dickhoff, thank you so much for joining us. How are you? Bruce Dickhoff: I’m good. Michael: All right. I want to start by giving the audience an opportunity to get to know you. If you would kind enough, share a little bit of a thumbnail about how you got to be where […]

November 15, 2018

[Transcript] Dave Ellis – Founder of Ellis Marketing

 Michael Jans: Dave Ellis, thank you so much for joining us. How are you?  Dave Ellis: I’m doing great, Michael. How are you doing? Michael: Well, I’m doing fine. You know me well enough that I’m just generally happy with the way things are going these days. Dave: Yes, absolutely. Michael: I appreciate you asking. […]

November 8, 2018

[Transcript] Greg Williams – CEO & President of Acrisure

Michael: Greg Williams. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you today? Greg: Terrific, Michael. Happy to be here. Michael: I think to some extent, I do want to dive into your brain to talk about what you’re doing at Acrisure, but I am interviewing Greg, the man. Why don’t we start with […]

6 Killer Secrets to Killing it on Social Media, blog article from Agency Revolution

November 6, 2018

6 Killer Secrets to Killing it on Social Media

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to keep saying it until insurance agents figure it out: social media is an essential part of marketing today. The most effective tactics of yesteryear can no longer be relied on. They’re losing their effectiveness because people’s habits have changed and your audience has migrated. If you want […]

The Single Most Impotant Question You Must Ask Your Agency This Year – Blog Article from Agency Revolution

October 16, 2018

The Single Most Powerful Marketing Question You Must Ask Your...

Want to know the latest marketing tricks to grow your agency? I might know them all. Over the years, I created quite a few. But not anymore. Tricks are for kids. I have something better. It makes more money. It saves effort. It’s simple. (Simple does not mean ‘easy’ – but this can be easier […]

Webinar Replay: Crafting the Ultimate Client Experience