How to Know It's Time to Automate Your Insurance Marketing Efforts blog article from Agency Revolution

February 12, 2019

How to Know It’s Time to Automate Your Insurance Marketing...

As an insurance agent or broker, you know how hectic a typical workday can be. Staying up-to-date with industry trends, working with clients, and just keeping things going takes up most of your time. You’re busy enough with being an insurance professional, so how can you be expected to be a marketing pro on top […]

Glimpse the Future with Greg Williams

January 22, 2019

Glimpse the Future with Greg Williams

How many times have we wished for a crystal ball so we could see what the future holds for us? And similarly, how many times have we looked back with regret, chastising ourselves for failing to notice the moment when our world began to change? In a recent episode of the Connected Insurance Podcast, our […]

The Core Economics of the Agency System (And Why McKinsey Says It's Unraveling)

December 4, 2018

The Core Economics of the Insurance Agency System (and why...

The grand history of the agent-broker channel rests on one inherent strength that’s built into the system. This is a relationship business. We sell the invisible. Nobody opens up the box and feels it, looks at it, touches it. ‘oohs and aahs’ over it. They barely examine the agreement to review the features. (I can’t […]

6 Killer Secrets to Killing it on Social Media, blog article from Agency Revolution

November 6, 2018

6 Killer Secrets to Killing it on Social Media

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to keep saying it until insurance agents figure it out: social media is an essential part of marketing today. The most effective tactics of yesteryear can no longer be relied on. They’re losing their effectiveness because people’s habits have changed and your audience has migrated. If you want […]

Want Sky-High ROI? Here are 3 Places to Begin. Article by Agency Revolution.

September 18, 2018

Want Sky-High ROI? Here Are 3 Places to Begin.

When it comes to where you ought to put your marketing dollars, you, of course, want it to come back to you – in multiples: A few dollars in, lots of dollars out. As your content marketing journey evolves, you’ll test and experiment. You’ll discover hidden marketing gems that work for you. When you start, […]

Solving the Insurance Agency's Greatest Problem

September 4, 2018

Solving the Insurance Agency’s Greatest Problem

Insurance agencies have a communication problem. The problem isn’t that agents aren’t doing a good job communicating what they want in an effective matter; it’s that they aren’t communicating at all! That infamous study from Deloitte that showed 60% of insurance customers don’t feel like they get any communication or value from their agent after […]

Why do People Buy Insurance? Blog article from Agency Revolution

August 14, 2018

Why Do People Buy Insurance?

Why do people purchase insurance? A crystal clear understanding of this can quickly take your agency to the next level, especially as new digital competitors lust after your customers. But if you don’t understand why people buy — or your team doesn’t — you’re losing sales and attracting unloyal clients. If you really understood the […]

Why Agents & Brokers Must Plan Their Content Around Their Customers, Not Themselves

July 17, 2018

Why Agents & Brokers Must Plan Their Content Marketing Around...

The less your content marketing is about you, the more you’ll get from it People pursue marketing for obvious reasons. They want more. More leads. More sales. More policies per customer. More referrals. More retention. But, your market wants none of that. They don’t show up at the marketing party to hear about what you […]

5 Monster Reasons Brokers Must Get Caught Up With Their Own Customers Fast

July 10, 2018

5 Monster Reasons Brokers Must Get Caught Up With Their...

What are the forces affecting agencies today? And what should agents do about it? Let’s have the courage to analyze it, examine it, poke it, prod it – and see how our channel stands up to the closest scrutiny. (Hint: there’s good news at the end!) First, let’s look at what ‘the five forces’ reveal […]

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