Bill Hartnett - President of Hartnett Advisors, Microsofts Godfather of Insurance Services

June 29, 2017

[Transcript] Bill Hartnett – President of Hartnett Advisors

Michael Jans: It is my pleasure to introduce Bill Hartnett. Bill, thank you so much for joining us, how are you today? Bill Hartnett: I’m great Michael, it’s really a pleasure to join you. Thanks for inviting me. Michael: All righty. I will give just a little bit of background for people who don’t know […]

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords for Insurance Agencies & Brokerages

June 13, 2017

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords on Your Insurance Website

Using Long Tail Keywords To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings! These tips will show you how long tail keywords are going to help you rank better! Every insurance office wants to be on the first page of the Google Search Results! I get asked the question all the time “How do I get a better ranking?”  […]

Aité Group

June 1, 2017

[Transcript] Jay Sarzen – Senior Analyst at Aité Group

Michael Jans: Jay Sarzen, welcome and thank you very much for joining us. How are you? Jay Sarzen: Good Michael, thanks for having me, I appreciate the opportunity. Michael: Well, it’s a thrill for me. As I recall, you and I first encountered each other, either after, shortly after a nephew conference a year, maybe […]

Steve Anderson - The Anderson Network

May 18, 2017

[Transcript] Steve Anderson – The Anderson Network

Michael Jans: Hello, everybody. This is Michael Jans, Executive Chair of Agency Revolution where we automate your systems, engage your customers, and help you grow your agency or brokerage. I’m excited to be able to bring you into this conversation with Steve Anderson. Steve is well known throughout the industry and I suspect that most […]

The importance of optimizing your insurance website for mobile visitors

May 16, 2017

The Importance of Optimizing Your Insurance Website for Mobile Visitors

Why is Mobile Optimization of Your Website So Important? Do you know anyone without a smartphone? My aunt just upgraded to a smartphone, so my answer is now no. Today, most everyone has a smartphone with them, constantly communicating and looking for information. How much is the World Changing? According to Google, mobile is changing […]

How to get a steady stream of perfect insurance clients

May 9, 2017

How to Get a Steady Stream of Perfect Insurance Clients...

Insurance is a relationship business, right? After all, who’s more likely to be a better customer? Someone who doesn’t know you. Someone who feels they know you, can count on you and appreciate the value you’ve given. When you put it that way, it’s obvious. The person who feels they have a relationship with you […]

April 26, 2017

[Transcript] Frank Sentner – Sole Proprietor at Sentwood Consulting

Michael Jans: Hello everybody this is Michael Jans with Agency Revolution. We make it easy to automate your systems, engage your customers and grow your agency or your brokerage. I want to welcome you to this episode of the Connected Insurance Podcast. Where we examine the trends, innovations, challenges, and solutions to the biggest problems […]

4 Steps to fast reliable growth for insurance agents & brokers

April 25, 2017

4 Steps to Fast, Reliable Growth for Insurance Agents &...

Here is a simple 4 Step business exercise to guide your agency or brokerage through the most reliable growth strategy. I’ve used this system with hundreds of clients throughout North America. The general reaction has been, “Oh! Now that I look at it that way, this is way easier than what I was doing before.” […]

5 Unique Ways to Retain and Grow Your Customer Base

April 18, 2017

5 unique ways to retain and grow your customer base

Many insurance agency owners fret continuously about how to grow their business.  What is more important:  acquiring new leads, converting those leads into customers or retaining the customer base you already have.  The simple answer is all three aspects are equally important.  In order to grow, your business has to be adding new customers.  At […]

Webinar Replay: Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine