August 24, 2018

[Transcript] Mike Albert – Co-founder of Ask Kodiak

Michael Jans: Mike Albert, thank you so much for joining us. How are you today? Mike Albert: I’m doing well. How are you? Michael: I’m very, very good. Thank you so much. First thing I’ll ask you is for a short thumbnail on your background and what led you to this interesting and important place […]

The Secret Psychology of Why People Buy Insurance

August 14, 2018

The Secret Psychology of Why People Buy Insurance

Understanding these three reasons people buy insurance can boost your customer lifetime value by 700% Ever wonder why people buy insurance? A crystal clear understanding of this can quickly take your agency to the next level, especially as new digital competitors lust after your customers. But, if you don’t understand it – or your team doesn’t […]

Bulls Eye! Target Your Message Where the Money is.

August 7, 2018

Bulls Eye! Target Your Message Where the Money Is.

Most people confuse ‘advertising’ with ‘marketing.’ Sure, sometimes you can use them interchangeably. But, advertising is generally a sub-set of marketing. The purpose of an ad is usually to get attention. It’s to generate leads. The purpose of marketing is to guide the entire ‘customer journey’ from beginning to end. It’s not just about ‘getting […]

5 Ways to Convert more Leads with Your Landing Pages

July 31, 2018

5 Ways to Convert More Leads with Your Landing Pages

What is a landing page? Considering all of the moving pieces that go into a marketing system, it may seem a tad obsessive to focus on optimizing your landing pages. But when it comes to the success or failure of your marketing campaigns, your landing page plays a crucial role and presents some of the […]

July 28, 2018

[Transcript] Robert Hartwig – Director of the Center for Risk and Uncertainty Management, and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina, and Immediate Past President of the Insurance Information Institute

Michael: Bob Hartwig, thank you so much for joining us. It’s an honor and privilege to have you with us today. Thank you. Robert: Well, very glad to be here, Michael. There’s a lot going on in this business today. I’m so happy to talk about some of those things with you. Michael: In terms […]